What is bet365?

bet365 is one of the largest bookmakers in the world, which has more than nine millions of customers over two hundred countries. bet465 offers various of betting types and sports to bet, so it is suitable for sports betting beginners. Still bet365 is not only for beginners, but is chosen by experienced sports betting players.

bet365 was established in 1974 and they are licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. They are as large as 1,700 employee working at.

bet365’s standing point is that they offer various types of betting. And you can enjoy a wide variety of sports betting such as J-League in Japan. Also they offer various live betting. Once you open an account, as long as some money is in your account, you can enjoy live streaming of some sports.

bet365 is officially approved by British government agency, and of course sports book industry itself has been officially recognized.

Features of bet365

You can enjoy sports live streaming!

One of the most appealing points of bet365 is “live betting”, in which you can bet on-going sports matches. bet365 offers best usability and live-realistic-force among book makers. Most of all, even though you don’t bet on, you can enjoy live viewing of super star players’ matches or heated games between prestigious teams. All you have to do to enjoy live viewing is to open a new account and deposit some money. That’s it. As long as some money is deposited in your account, you can enjoy live viewing anytime, anywhere! That means you can enjoy live viewing for free in effect!

If you just watch live viewing, you don’t need to bet on any match. All you have to do is open your account and deposit some money. Then you can enjoy live viewing even with your smart phone!

Wide variety of sports to bet

Bet365 is anyway rich in the kind of odds. There are some bet that is special in bet365, so you can enjoy variety of betting. Actually they provide over 30 kinds of betting through bet365.

High odds!

High odds is one of their features and they provides very conscientious service. Because of the reduction rate as high as 95 percent, bet365 is appreciated by its users. In particular, it is characterized by a high odds of non-favorite side. For over intermediate sports betters, bet365 is indispensable service

Casino betting

Recently we have increasing number of bookmakers though which we can play casino, and you can play casino through bet365 without any extra account than sports booking account. In particular, through live casino, you can play against real dealers. It is a unique way to enjoy bet365 to play against beauty dealers between sports betting. You can find more details for bet365 casino here.


Bet365 has served the uniform sponsor of Stoke City of the English Premier League through 2012 to 2013 and 2014 to 2015. Bet365 logo had been placed in the front of the Stoke City uniforms. From this, we can know high reliability of bet365.

Full mobile support

You can also enjoy betting in your smartphone through bet365. Well even while watching a television, in a short waiting time or commuting in a train, if the place is in the reach of radio waves, you can enjoy betting anytime. Of course, the casino is full mobile support! You can make one-shot deal in baccarat or roulette against live dealers. Only through bet365 you can enjoy authentic atmosphere in your smartphone! You can find more details about mobile bet365 here.

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