How to place bet on soccer

Here we will explain how to place bet on football trough bet365.

As an example we will show how to place bet on Europe soccer league.

As a first step, click soccer from left menu.

Displayed name differs by bookmakers, but in bet365 it is UEFA Europe League.

Let’s the easiest betting “Full Time Result”. In Full Time Result, you will expect the match result: which team to win or draw.
In the example, you will choose from Braga will win, Birmingham will win or Draw. In this example, let’s choose “Braga will win” and click “1.57”.

As the following screen, there will be field to enter the amount of money you bet on the right.

“Stake” is a field to enter a wager, automatically the profit will be displayed in “To win” field.
“To Win” is a field to enter a profit. When you enter profit here, “Stake” field is automatically filled.
-To win is the only profit part, so the total amount refund when you win is sum up of “To WIn” and “Stake”.

After entering the bet by clicking “Place Bet” in the lower right, you can finish betting.

Other types of betting

By clicking “+66” you can choose other betting types (the number varies by matches)


Double Chance

You will choose from “Home team will win or draw”, “Away team will win or draw” or “other than draw”.

Correct Score

You will expect score of the match.

Half Time/Full Time

You will expect the leading team at the timing of half time and end of the match.

Total Goals

You will expect total amount of scores by both team.

Asian Handicap

You will expect the result after adding scores for handicap.

Goal Line

You will expect the total amount of scores goes higher or lower than the set line.

Draw no Bet

You will expect which team to win, in case of draw, your bet will be paid back.