Arsenal Losing Hope for a Premier League Title Early in Season

Sitting at third place in the BPL table Arsenal looks ready to give up on the season after a tough loss against Chelsea.


However Hull City was able to pull off a big upset against Liverpool recently.


Both teams had pretty black and white results in their most recent fixtures so now how can they battle each other.


Of course a traditional powerhouse like Arsenal seems stable at 3rd place, but it is not as though Hull City has no chance, so you shouldn’t overlook this match.


So their last games definitely ended on different sides of the spectrum, and after a tough loss to Chelsea the morale of Arsenal’s squad definitely seems low.


Rumors abound that players are not satisfied with Wenger, and it is still uncertain if he wants to continue as the manager of Arsenal himself.


Looking at things right now it’s hard to say the team is in a stable position.


Hull City on the other hand, is in a bit of a hot streak since Silva took over as manager in January. Under his leadership, with a focus on a counter-attacking style of play, the team has climbed up to 1 point out of relegation.


Pulling off such a huge upset against a powerhouse like Liverpool must have also been a great motivation for the team.


Including their keeper Jakupovic, all of their players have been in fine form, so it’s been tough to score against them lately for opposing teams.


It’s easy to see which of these teams is in a better place mentally, however Arsenal is 4-1 in their last 5 fixtures against Hull City. However Arsenal is probably still reeling from their 2-1 upset loss to Watford F.C. as well.


Watford was able to finish off two chances early on in the match, which seemed to seal an unsteady Arsenal club’s fate.


The Watford game made Arsenal’s weaknesses painfully clear, and there is some fear they will show those same issues in the upcoming fixture with Hull City.

Although Arsenal tends to connect a lot of through passes from the center, they should try to expand to side attacks, and crosses as well.


In their match against Chelsea, Giroud’s goal was quite impressive. Arsenal should take advantage of his height, and try to focus on side attacks, to get a little more variety in their goal scoring.


Improving quickly is key for a team looking to avoid another upset loss like they faced against a low ranked Watford club.


Frankly, Arsenal is lacking the talent to play a purely pass focused style of Soccer, like the Barcelona teams of the past.


It’s not a bad thing that Wenger has his own tactics, but he needs to look at things on his own squad, and respond to player dissatisfaction as of late.


Now let’s look at the odds.


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It is clear to see that Arsenal are the heavy favorites. Arsenal isn’t looking great with 2 consecutive losses, but they are looking for a chance to bounce back facing an 18 ranked Hull City at home.


Thinking of this the odds are easy to understand.


Even though Hull City did great in their last game, it’s still easy to see that Arsenal has the advantage over them.


However with an upcoming Champion’s League fixture against Bayern on February 15th, the manager may rest some top starters against Hull City.


The chances are slim that Arsenal will be fielding their top 11 against Hull City.


The 25th match week of the Premier League, Arsenal vs Hull City. A match that Arsenal cannot afford to lose without risking their Champion’s League qualification.


Hull City has a lot at stake as well, playing an away game they are hoping to pull out at least a point to stay out of relegation standing.


If you look at this game with all this knowledge, it is obvious to see that Arsenal has an overwhelming advantage, although some fans are a little uneasy.

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