Portugal Who Can’t Afford to Lose Let’s Expect a Great Win Against Hungary in Their Home Ground


In the Euro 2016 championships 8th ranked Portugal flipped people’s expectations by winning it all against France.


Cristiano Ronaldo, a European superstar who has long desired a title is facing some unexpected struggles in the Russian World Cup qualifier.


The loss against Switzerland in the first game has weighed heavily on the Portuguese teaming, and they have remained in second place in their group since.


On March 26th, the fifth game of this stage, they are going to battle against Hungary in their home ground.


In Euro 2016, they had a really intense game against each other, but now who is going to win this game.


Let’s predict this exciting game with odds and other information.


The Last European Competition Was an Intense Battle Finishing 3-3


It seems like Portugal and Hungary would not have so many chances to play each other, but in the Euro 2016 group stage they had an intense match against each other.


Portugal was in a do or die situation, where losing would have knocked them out of the tournament.


In the beginning Portugal showed their superior strength with much higher possession stats, but Gera had an amazing goal for Hungary which completely changed the momentum 19 minutes in.


After that, in the last half of the game they could bring things to a draw thanks to two goals by Ronaldo. Still you can say this was a very tough match for Portugal.


In Portugal’s past games they have 7 wins and 3 losses, but if they underestimate Hungary they are going to end up paying for it.


This game will be in Portugal’s home ground, and it’s predicted that Hungary will focus a lot on defense and blocking, but let’s see how things play out.


No matter what it’s going to be a game that you can’t take your eyes away from.

Group B Is Having a Lot of Complicated Games


There are 9 groups in the qualifying with one team from each group A-I can qualify to move on to the next stage.


Portugal belongs to group B, with Switzerland, Hungary, Latvia, Angola, and Faroe Islands.


People are expecting Portugal to qualify, but as of now Switzerland is sitting atop the group with 12 points.


Second place in the group is Portugal with 9 points, and Hungary is in 3rd with 7 points.


If a team finishes in second place in their group they do have the possibility of qualifying for the World Cup in the European playoff.


After their loss to Switzerland, Portugal has been winning nonstop, but if they lose this next game it will be very difficult for them to qualify for the World Cup.


If Hungary can get a draw or better in the opponent’s home ground then their hope of qualifying increases a lot.


This is definitely an important game for each team’s future, and neither can afford to lose.


Key Points for the Game, What Will Decide the Victory?


It was a fact that Hungary put Portugal into a corner in the Euro League 2016 game, and did not allow them to play freely.


Hungary’s goals, including the first amazing shot, all seemed to be miracles, so it is difficult to take that game as reference for how this next one will go.


However, something to look at from the game is Hungary’s defense.


Especially the last half of the game there was an impression that Hungary’s marking was drawn to Ronaldo’s off the ball movement. As well as the players who move with them, and their diagonal movement on the pitch.


To be able to defeat a high ranking team like Portugal, an intense focus on defense is necessary.


There is no chance of winning if they can’t block well, and finish the first half of the game with a clean sheet.


On the other hand in Portugal, Nani is out due to injury. As a result other players will have to fill in the gaps, and work hard.


The key replacement is Monaco’s number 10 Bernardo Silva.


How well he fills in that gap is important not only for this game, but also the Portuguese national team’s future.


There will probably be more chances of winning if they can connect the ball to Ronaldo.


How can they break Hungary, who is expected to draw them in using their defense?


Something else to look at it is how the young players will function in the team.


These things are the main point that will decide this game.


Let’s Predict the Game with Odds


European Qualifying Group B, let’s predict this exciting game that has an impact on the future with odds.


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They showed an intensive game playing against each other in the Euro League 2016, however victory will almost definitely come for Portugal.


The odds also give the impression that there are very few people who predict Hungary will win.


This game will be in Portugal’s home ground, and these odds also seem reasonable as Hungary has never won against Portugal in the past.


However you can’t say there is such a thing as a “definite” win in Soccer.


Hungary is expected to have a very difficult game, but can they do anything remarkable in their opponent’s home ground?

There is almost no doubt that this is going to be an aggressive game.




Group B which seems to be in a very hard to read situation, the second and third place teams are set to battle each other in the fifth game.


The game that takes place in Portugal’s home ground, is an important game for the future of each team’s chances for the World Cup.


Both teams can’t afford to lose this one, to stay close to group leaders Switzerland.


This significant game kicks off on March 26th.


You can’t afford to take your eyes off this passionate game in Europe.


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