Chelsea to Battle Manchester City for the Top Spot an Intense Battle in the 31st Match Week

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Manchester who are struggling against high ranking teams this season, only have two wins against teams ranked in the top six this year.


In their battle against Arsenal in the previous match which was at Arsenal’s home ground, City could only walk away with 1 point.


Chelsea, on the other hand seems to be struggling with closing out the season and winning the championship.


The loss against a low ranking team in their last match was a painful blow to the team.


The gap between second ranked Tottenham is only 7 points at this stage of the season.


If Chelsea loses against City it could still be possible for Tottenham to pull off a miracle this season.


The 31st match week in the Premier League will see Chelsea welcoming City in their home ground.


Let’s predict this exciting game with odds and other information.


Both Teams Condition


Chelsea has been in great form since January 8th, they were able to play without any losses, however in their last game they fell to a low ranked team in their home ground.


Crystal Palace who currently has three wins in a row defeated Chelsea on a wave of momentum.


Due to this loss Tottenham is inching closer and closer to a shot at victory.


Under their current situation Chelsea can’t afford to lose anymore, with games upcoming against City and United.


If they were to lose against City the gap between themselves and Tottenham will shrink down to only four points, so they need to avoid this loss.


City on the other hand has drawn their last two matches against pretty tough opponents.


Both of these games had a must win feel for City though.

City, who has only gotten two wins against teams ranked in the top six, has their next battle against the current number one team.


City fell against Chelsea 3-1 in their home ground, and they are coming into this match with their hearts set on revenge.


Game Development From the Season’s First Match


In their past five matches against each other resulted in 2 wins 2 losses and a draw, so things have been pretty equal.


However after their next managers joined both clubs, Chelsea won their first fixture.


In the game at City’s home ground, Chelsea started out poorly, but was able to regain their footing as the game went on.


De Bruyne missed a golden chance on an unprotected net, Chelsea scored shortly after.


Chelsea got the win by scoring with counters featuring stars Costa and Willian.


In the upcoming game it’s important for City to finish off their chances and get the first goal from Chelsea.


Game Development


Attack focused City will go against defensive minded Chelsea.


Although these two teams have opposite strategies Chelsea should have the advantage.


City has not had a game with less than 50% possession, so City typically controls the flow of the game with an intense focus on possession.


Because they seem to put a little too much focus on possession, this year they seem to lack quick vertical attacks to lead to goals.


Chelsea however, has been winning this season by finishing their counters at a high rate when they get their chances.


Their strongest counter strategy is a formation that takes advantage of numbers in defense and offense using players such as Moses and Alonso.


This comes from a formation that looks like a 3 back formation but is actually using 5 backs.


This strategy of Chelsea’s will be very effective against City’s weak points, such as inaccurate passing and slow build up from the GK and defense.


In their last game City suffered from Welbeck [Arsenal] and Arsenal’s defensive cooperation.


For Chelsea a high work rate from their forwards such as Costa should be able to lead Manchester City’s defensive front to areas that favor their attack pattern.


Set plays are also a good chance for Chelsea as City’s DB Clichy tends to be more of a ball watcher.


Corner and Free kicks are also good chances for Chelsea.


So if they are able to get the first goal the momentum will be with Chelsea and most likely continue on for the match.


City’s first goal needs to be to match Chelsea’s work rate, especially Sterling and Aguero’s aggressive defense is important.


With Jesus also a major player in attack the potential of attacks from both sides needs to be checked.


Aguero is also starting to show some defensive prowess.


Also De Bruyne’s through passes that are tough to stop can help blast through the midfield directly to the forwards in one stroke.


Manchester City is also hoping to connect their play using a heavy possession style.


Although the likelihood of their short passes falling apart is high, perhaps it may be a good idea to keep this strategy in mind early in the game for vertical attacks.


City also needs to improve on their poor passing as soon as possible.


Each team is putting high pressure on City’s build up.


If they could pass the ball as quick as possible with accuracy to their star forwards they could have a chance to win.


Let’s Predict the Game with Odds


Now let’s predict the game of the 31st match week with bookmaker’s odds.


William Hill




As to be expected of two powerhouse teams, the odds shown are almost equal.


Both teams are going to battle each other with some frustration from their previous games.


We can easily predict that this will be a very intense battle.


The game in the 31st match week has the interest of the world on how Pep and Conte will handle this match.


This is going to be a game that the team’s overall power will be tested.




The Premier League is nearing the end for this season, the battles to get the victory are at their climax.


As predicted by a lot of spectators, the battle for fourth place in the league has become very intense.


City, Liverpool, United, and Arsenal are battling each other till the end for this position.


There have been so many games that fans couldn’t take their eyes off, but now in the 31st game you really won’t be able to peel your eyes away from this exciting match!


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