Dortmund Has a Huge Game with AS Monaco Can Kagawa Regain His Starting Position?



Dortmund lost against Bayern 4-1 in Allianz Arena in their last game. Some people feel this result was unavailable with Kagawa, Weigl, and Reus out of the match.


Next up they are playing French powerhouse Monaco. Monaco’s ascent to power was rapid this season, having been considered a dark horse candidate earlier this season.


They are currently sitting at the top of the French League tables, and in they will be heading to Dortmund’s stadium in fine form.


Champion’s League Round of Eight Dortmund vs Monaco kicks off on April 11th.


Let’s predict this game that you can’t miss with odds and other factors.


Black and White Teams


In the last game Dortmund lost against Bayern due to the team’s lack of adjustments.


As usual Dortmund had a heavily injured roster, which always affects their team’s play.


It is also true however that in the game they were able to set up several scenarios that looked like good scoring chances, due to their ability to play counter Soccer well against Bayern.


For Dortmund, Monaco is a dangerous opponent, due to their skill in side attacks. Dortmund’s goal is surely to defeat Monaco at Westfalenstadion, and not allow them to score.


Monaco on the other hand, has won their past six games, with their last loss coming against Man City in February.


During the past six games they have not yielded more than one goal in a match, and will head into Dortmund in top form.


A game of two teams moving in completely different directions, which fans won’t be able to miss!


Can Kagawa and Weigl Regain Their Starting Spots? For Monaco Players Both Young and Old are in Great Shape


Until recently Monaco has been well known for a great defense and offense, but this year Monaco has been well known for their ability to score goals.


They are a threat even against Europe’s biggest clubs, with a layered attack using veterans like Falcao, and new players like Mbappe are cooperating well.


Falcao has been in especially good form this season.


Did the Colombian hero, who struggled in the British Premier League, finally regain his star power after returning to France?


Also Monaco uses free kicks and corner kicks as great weapons.


In their match with Man City their third goal which helped them regain their flow was from such a set play.


No matter what formation they use to snatch a goal from the opposition in their opponent’s home ground, they will be able to create favorable conditions for the second leg in their home ground.


Dortmund, on the other hand, has not been in great condition so far this season.


Injuries as always are unavoidable, and their condition is not great, but it seems like they have not been able to maintain possession very well against even low-ranked teams.


However with the addition of Guerreiro they could increase layered side attacks, and Aubameyang is still there for speedy attacks.


If players who can do the last pass to set up goals return to the lineup, such as Kagawa, Dortmund should be able to improve their form.


This year it seems like midfielders Weigl and Kagawa will change the flow of the match.


Game Development


Because they are going to play the first leg in Dortmund’s home ground, around the beginning of the match Monaco may be spending more time on defense.


Both teams however, have sharp counter attacks. It will be hard for both teams to keep a clean sheet. [Especially Dortmund’s offense is one of the best in Europe, and you can’t expect clean sheets in Monaco’s home ground either.]


Considering the second leg, Monaco should be ready to score some goals in this game as well.


Especially side attacks using Mbappe up the middle.


They should be able to keep Dortmund’s defense distracted if they can go toward the space Dortmund would usually use for attacking.


Compared to the Premier League, German Clubs have faster attacks up the middle from their build up play.


Dortmund does not fall into that pattern typically, but when they do they show explosive attacking power.


To be able to combat that, it’s necessary for Monaco to do very fast sliding defense like Atletico Madrid, but to be able to score away goals they should put more focus on offense.


Because they are facing a team who is weak on defense, they are probably hoping for at least one away goal.


For Dortmund they are hoping to focus on defense.


Premier League Powerhouse City was affected by giving up three goals in their home ground in their match against Monaco.


Looking at this Dortmund will definitely feel the need to finish their home leg giving up the minimum amount of goals possible.


People are wondering what each team’s manager is going to do tactics wise in this fixture that features a lot of possible strategies for each side.


Let’s Predict This Game Looking at Odds


Now let’s predict this exciting game with odds.


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With the game being played in Dortmund it seems like they are given the advantage.


However Monaco has also been in great condition in the 2016/17 season.


Maybe it won’t be a game that has as big of a gap in power as the odds make it look like.


For Monaco the focus of this game is getting as many away goals as possible, rather than winning.


So even with a loss, if they could finish the game with a score of 2-1, 3-2, or 5-3 that would be enough for them.


Either way it is guaranteed that this will be an exciting game, let’s hope for a game that will keep our hearts racing.




Can Dortmund, who recently suffered a horrible loss in their game with Bayern Munich, switch their mentality and finish this game with a clean sheet in their home ground?


On the other hand Monaco is in great form right now. Even though Dortmund is a Bundesliga powerhouse you can this is going to be a difficult fixture for them.


European Champion’s League that you can expect an exciting match, Dortmund vs Monaco.
You can’t afford to miss this!

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