Barcelona Has to Fight Hard in April Their First Game is Against Sevilla in Barcelona’s Home Ground



Including the games that remain, Barcelona has a five point gap between leaders Real Madrid.


In April in addition to the battle against Sevilla, they will also play the El Clasico.


They are fighting their best for the victory now.


It’s not an exaggeration to say that if they lose here their chances of victory may disappear.


On the other hand Sevilla has not recovered yet from their loss against Leicester.


Will Sampaoli replace Barca’s manager at Camp Nou next season?


On April 4th the world be excited about a can’t miss La Liga fixture with Barca vs Sevilla.


So let’s predict this game that could decide the future of La Liga with odds and other information.


Both Teams Condition


Barcelona recovered from their loss in the league after battling against Paris and have won two games in a row.


There is a little concern for Barca on defense, but they can go against Sevilla feeling pretty confident.


Neymar has been in especially fine form lately.


Eternal star Ronaldinho has been heaving heavy praise on Neymar, saying he has been playing as well as Messi and Ronaldo, which shows how great his form has been.


Sevilla on the other hand has not had a win in their past five games, and are heading to Camp Nou in poor form.


One thing that has been standing out in particular is their lack of ability to finish off chances.


In those five games, they have not had a game where they scored more than one goal.


Also in their matches with Leicester and Atletico, they were pressing hard offensively, but lost points due to poor set plays.


Even though Sevilla is good at both defense and offense, due to this situation they want to get as many points as they can from this game.


The first requirement for them is to play some aggressive defense, and respond well to Barcelona’s attacks.


Their Past Games


La Liga’s 30th match week match at Camp Nou.


These two teams’ conditions are pretty black and white, with Barcelona having played great in their past match.


In their past five fixtures Barcelona won all five, so this could be a bad match for Sevilla.


In those five games, Sevilla was held goalless three times.


This shows Sevilla’s lack of ability to finish off their chances.


However in this year, Sevilla is not doing too poorly as they sit third on the La Liga table.


So let’s hope that they can gain back their passion from the beginning of the season, and fight with intensity against Barcelona.


Game Development


Both teams have been focusing on a pass heavy attack, but lately Barcelona has changed their style of play.


They have started to use more variety in attack, from short passing to counters, as well as Suarez’s post play.


In addition Messi, Neymar, and Suarez are an amazing trio, so they have the scoring ability to turn a poor game into victory.


However Barcelona tends to rely too heavily on MSN, so the midfielders are too focused on relying on those forwards, so their ability to strategize is decreasing.


For Sevilla the quickest path to victory is too put high pressure on Barcelona’s midfielders and defeat their ability to pass.


Compared to the games with Leicester and Atletico, they will possess the ball less in this game, but let’s hope that they can push the game in the right direction with Nasri.

For Barcelona their honest feelings are that they want to get a goal in as soon as possible, but Spain’s third ranked powerhouse team, will give their all to mark MSN well.


So the key will be for Barcelona not to only rely on Suarez and Neymar’s individual skill, but also their midfielders’ quality of play.


Let’s predict the game with odds


So let’s predict this game looking at the bookmaker’s odds.


William Hill



The battle between these two high ranking teams the odds show a huge gap in power.


With this game being in Barca’s home ground that could also have an effect on the odds, but these odds are also Sevilla’s poor form.


It will be almost impossible for Sevilla to get a victory against Barca at Camp Nou.


Shown especially in their past five matches against each other Sevilla could not get more than 1 goal in any of those matches.


So it is almost a guarantee that Barcelona should pull off a victory.




The final matches of La Liga will make your hands sweat in anticipation, Real or Barca who will win the league.


There will continue to be games you can’t miss, like this game featuring two powerhouse teams.


An interesting game between Barcelona and Sevilla at Camp Nou.


People are saying Barcelona has an overwhelming advantage, but Soccer is full of possibilities.


So let’s expect a passionate game from each of these squads.


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