Wenger Has a Crucial Match in the Beginning of April as They Sit on the Edge Battling City Who Also Can Not Afford to Lose


Arsenal who currently sits at 6th on the table lost against West Brom in their last match by a score of 1-3.


Wenger, who is currently rumored to have plans on leaving the team, may make his decision based on the results of this crucial match.


On the other hand City who currently sit at third on the table recovered their good form in February, but had a shocking loss to Monaco.


The next fixture after losing to Monaco they played well, but could only score 1 goal in their home ground, and must be frustrated at this point.


To be able to get within Champion’s League qualifying position for sure, neither team can afford to lose any battles against high ranking clubs.


Arsenal welcomes City in the 30th match week of the Premier League, which kicks off on April 2nd so let’s predict the game with odds and other information.


Both Teams Conditions


Arsenal’s Wenger has been a manager in the Premier League for 16 years, and has become a household name, with his record of qualifying for the Champion’s League 19 times.


Is he starting to lose his touch lately?


Arsenal has been on the edge of Champion’s League qualifying all season, despite fan expectations that Arsenal could win the league.


With these results fans have been calling for Wenger to leave the team.


In this rough season, they also suffered some surprising upsets against low ranked teams, and are in danger of finishing in the worst rank in team history.


It is in these difficult conditions that they must face their tough opponents for the 30th game of the season.


Including their last loss, Arsenal has given the impression that they choke in very important games, and if they lose in their next game the front office might have some tough decisions to make.


City’s manager Pep on the other hand, rode a positive wave early in the year racking up the victories, but against some unfamiliar opponents they had a few poor showings later in the season.


This kind of thing is different from anything Pep has experienced before, having such a tough schedule, and managing his players’ physicality.


They have managed to stay in the top four all season, but there is a 12 point gap with league leaders Chelsea, so they are not really in a good position.


This year Pep is having similar issues to Pellegrini who had trouble getting the team to score goals in crucial matches.


After their last game against Liverpool, their next two fixture are with Arsenal and Chelsea.


This game’s results with affect not only City but also the future of the Premier League.


The Past Games Against Each Other


In their past five matches against each other Arsenal won 3 games, with a draw and a loss.


However after Pep became manager City won their first match against Arsenal.


In the 17th game of the season, City won 2-1 in a seesaw match, and Pep does not seem so worried about the team’s matchup.


It’s been said both teams have performed poorly in games with high ranked teams, but the season is nearing its end now.


In the current situation where they cannot afford to lose even a point, they will go into this game with a lot of fire.


Game Developments and Predictions


Taking a look at the three midfielders in Arsenal’s 4-2-3-1 formation.


This year’s their midfield is a little unstable, and they have given up some goals due from opponent’s counter attacks.

Especially new signing Xhaka tends to be a ball watcher against the opponent’s defense, spectators are hoping he can improve that trait in this game.


In addition to Ozil’s bad condition, star striker Sanchez is having trouble getting along with his squad mates.


He has shown his individual ability, stealing away goals with his selfish play, so if he can meld with the team and use his skill to cooperate this could really improve Arsenal’s attack.


Because their style is based on Wenger’s tactics with a focus on short passes, so it is essential for Arsenals that the players mentioned above play well.


Due to the international break the players have shown some exhaustion, but people are expecting some powerful plays from them in this game.


City however, has been doing an amazing job breaking the team’s rhythm with this short passing.


Pep’s true style of play if finally showing, with the team connecting plays in tight spaces, and breaking away from the opponent’s defense.


However a weak point for City is their defense, they have given up a lot of goals due to the lack of rhythm between Stones and Otamendi.


There’s also a lack of cohesion between the side backs and center backs.


This year you can feel the waves coming from the midfielders’ high pressure, but the defenders still have troubling dealing with the opponent’s long balls.


After Pep took over, sharp counters become City’s new weapon, so they want to improve their defense as soon as possible.


City needs to work on improving their defense to be able to utilize their strong attacking play better.


Both teams have some weak points, but this game seems to highlight similar weaknesses for both teams.


So the game should come down to the difference in each team’s raw power.


Compared to City’s forwards Arsenal has less options, so cooperation is necessary for their forward players.


Arsenal tends to want to connect passes from the middle, but dealing with City’s midfielders’ pressure, they may struggle connecting with their forwards.


To be able to break City’s formation they need to work on side attacks, if wingers like Sanchez can succeed it’s good for them. [They should focus on getting Clichy in the center, and go in the gap created by this.


If they can do that successfully, they should be able to open up some space in City’s defense.


The current Arsenal team cannot expect to break the opponent’s formation when their numbers are sufficient for defense.


So the key for this game for this game is vertically quick side attacks for Arsenal.


The key for City on the other hand, is putting high pressure on Arsenal’s flawed midfielders, and not giving them time to set up their attack.


If they can do that, they can decrease their risk of giving up goals from the center.


Also if Bellerin can attract the focus of City’s forwards and midfielders they could hopefully prevent that.


So the whole team should cover their weak point, which is the side attack, with cooperation in defense from the forwards.


Let’s predict this game with odds now.


Let’s predict the exciting 30th match of the season between City and Arsenal by looking at the odds.


William Hill




Both bookmakers show City as a slight favorite.


This is a game in Arsenal’s home pitch, but the numbers are reflecting the effects of Arsenal’s loss to West Brom in their last match.


Also this game is right after the International Break, so there are concerns regarding players who play for their national squads’ stamina.


Now can they play this game in their best form?


It will be interesting to watch how the managers of each squad rotate their players, including the players who don’t have a high work rate.




This Premier League is almost over now.


There is still game’s that you can’t miss, with teams trying to qualify for Champion’s League positioning.


The gap between second ranked Tottenham and sixth ranked Manchester United is only 4 points. [Including games not yet played.]


So which club can start to separate from this gap?


This game might give some hints to the answer of that question.


The game kicks off on April 3rd Japan time, if you are a Soccer fan this one is definitely a can’t miss game.


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