Kagawa is Playing in Great Form and Will Soon Challenge Bayern in a can’t Miss Bundesliga Clash


In his last match Kagawa could finally score his first goal of the season.


As he mentioned, he hopes to bring his great form for the National team into his club play.


However, this game is against the eternal Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich.


Early in the season Bayern was forced into a lot of difficult matches, but now that they are into their rhythm they are sitting at 10 points above second place Leipzig.


28th match week of the Bundesliga, the pride of Germany’s football league two powerhouse teams are battling each other.


The world is excited to watch this epic battle, and Japan has an interest as well with Kagawa in the roster.


So let’s try and predict this game with odds and other information.


Dortmund won their last match very easily, and Bayern suffered a lost against Hoffenheim.


Dortmund won against Hamburger with a resounding 3-0 victory.


They seem to have recovered from their painful draw with Schalke.


Both in defense and offense they have been in fine form lately, so they should be able to go against Bayern with confidence.


So let’s hope that they will play great by putting everything they have into that game.


On the other hand Bayern seems to be in a great condition at this point, however their last game was a loss against Hoffenheim in their home ground.


Hoffenheim has a young manager, who is only 29 years old.


As a result of this match the gap with Leipzig became 10 points.


Bayern needs to avoid consecutive losses, because they battle Real Madrid in the CL in four days, and this makes their scheduling pretty tough.


Even though they will play in their home arena, it is predicted that they will have a pretty tough time against such a powerhouse team.


Kagawa is in great form, let’s expect him to have a major impact in this match.


The last Bundesliga game, we could enjoy Japanese players battling it out, and not only Japanese fans, but also foreign soccer fans were excited this match.


Dortmund ended up winning 3-0, which was an overall complete victory for them.


It was also amazing news that Kagawa could finally make his first goal of the season in that game as well.


In addition to the goal, he also played a very tidy game, he could also get a near perfect rating two games in a row, so he is currently playing like a man on fire.


There are so many hopes on Kagawa at this point, who used to be known as a Bayern Killer.


However, in the current situation Bayern seems to win all the time, so Kagawa himself said sometimes gaining motivation is a little tough.


It’s definitely going to be a tough game in the early goings, however Kagawa should be able to bring his best to this game.


Bayern has a tough schedule, including a match with Real Madrid


This year, champions Bayern are showing their amazing power as usual.


The next game for them is against Dortmund, but the game they are putting the most focus on is their draw with Real four days after that.


They can’t lose if they hope to continue their run in the Champion’s League, even though it is rare to have such powerhouse teams battling in the quarterfinals.


The huge battle against Real Madrid’s galacticos that is under Zidane, will be at their home ground.


Because of this they really want to manage to win at any cost.


For Bayern who has the Champions League on the horizon will have to adjust their mindset a little for their match with Dortmund.


It’s not as though they can relax, but most likely their main goal is to finish this bout injury free.


Game Development


In the 11th match week for the Bundesliga, Dortmund was able to get a victory against Bayern by attacking their weak points.


Ancelotti mainly uses a 4-3-3 formation, similar to his time with Real Madrid, and leaves his forwards at the halfway line and uses very aggressive tactics.


Due to this strategy, their defense against counter attacks typically have some holes.


It seems like many of their losses are coming because they don’t have enough bodies in the midfield, and the opponent can break their formation with a counter attack.


Also under Ancelotti’s strategy, his side backs on defense tend to move up in the attack, which leaves those areas vulnerable to the opponent’s side attacks.


If Bayern is not able to score at will, it is predicted that Dortmund’s counter will be powerful.


However Bayern’s aggressive attacking is a very strong point for the team.


It’s really hard to stop Robben and Lewandowski.


For Dortmund they need to focus their tactics on defense in the early goings of the game, and then counter into the space that becomes available.


By going into that open space quickly, they should be able to break Bayern’s defensive rhythm, which will give them a lot of scoring opportunities.


Let’s predict the game with odds


Let’s take a look at the odds for the 28th match week in the Bundesliga.


William Hill




Both bookmakers heavily favor Bayern Munich as you can see.


However as mentioned above, it is almost a guarantee that they will win this year’s Bundesliga.


Due to this they may be feeling a little less urgency for this game.


If Dortmund can attack this potential lack of winning desire, they could potentially pull off a victory.


People are expecting that Kagawa could play in this game as well, fans are hoping for this, and it will definitely be a game they can’t miss.




Both Bayern and Dortmund advanced beyond the round of 16 in the Champions League, and they have huge games in the coming three to four days.


This game is a difficult game for both teams to feel motivated form and come into with high intensity.


They both want to go their Champion’s League matches in fine form after a victory, however if a player was to get injured that win would lose its meaning.


So let’s hope for a game with a mindset of fair play.
Bayern vs Dortmund kicks off on April 9th in Japan, you can’t afford to miss this weekend Soccer clash!

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