The 35th Match Week of the Premier League Features an Intense North London Derby

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Arsenal, who currently sits at sixth and are underperforming a little in the league, due to their mid-season slump that resulted in missing some points they should have gotten.


It’s been more than 10 years since Wenger took over as Arsenal’s manager, and finally this year might be the time for a change.


In the FA Cup Arsenal defeated City, and have been improving their overall form, but will this translate to the Derby as well?


On the other hand, Tottenham is only four points behind Chelsea and is climbing the tables quickly.


To be able to flip the situation and get the victory they are going against Arsenal in their next game.


Including the battle with United in the 37th match week, this game is another must win.


Two games including game the results of the game of Everton vs Chelsea, and this match, will be very important for the future of the Premier League.


In the 35th match week of the season Tottenham welcomes Arsenal in their home ground.


Let’s predict this game that is known as the North London Derby worldwide with odds and other information.



-Both Teams Condition

Arsenal has been playing poorly since their loss to Bayern in the Champions League.


They have not been winning lately against even low ranked teams, which saw them fall to sixth place in the league standings.


There have been consistent rumors that Sanchez is not getting along with his teammates, and that Wenger may be fired.


After the loss against Crystal Palace in the 32nd game they won two games in a row so they can go into the Derby feeling well, but you can’t say they are their usual selves.


So in Tottenham’s home ground they are guaranteed to suffer from the opposition during the game.
On the other hand Tottenham has not had a loss since their game with Liverpool on February 11th.


They have also won their past 3 games and have been maintaining their fine form.


Because they are doing so well they want to make sure they win this derby game at home, and take away three points.


It is necessary to win this game to put top ranked Chelsea under pressure.


This is going to be their first serious chance to flip the situation and get the victory in the league.



-The Great Wall of Tottenham Have Not Lost a Home Game Yet

Under Pochettino Tottenham always plays a game with a clear line of separation between offense and defense.


They are especially good at retreating, and low risk high press increases their defensive prowess as well.


One issue resulting from this is a lot of draw games, but their strong forwards like Kane improve on this problem for them.


So now they don’t have any obvious weak points.


At their home ground they currently have a record of 15 wins and 2 draws, so this game especially should not reveal any weaknesses.


This is a bit of a scary Derby for them, but it’s a near certainty that they can move the game in the right direction.



-Game Development

Arsenal, who sits at 6th place, wants to build up from the middle as usual.


However this game is against a powerhouse in Tottenham so the great tactician Wenger may come up with a brilliant strategy.


It was a big deal for people that he used different tactics than usual in his games with Liverpool and in the FA cup match with City.


Especially in the match with City he used a strategy that used long counters perfectly that was based on Giroud’s one top.
They could get the victory by playing a style that was the opposite of their usual strategy.


There were a lot of times when eight players on their defense went into the box, and it was clearly a focus on defense for them.


After the game there was some criticism about their defensive strategy, but right now Arsenal just needs to focus on getting these three points.


To be able to recover and get into CL positioning, they should play with a style that doesn’t care about people’s opinions, and just achieve victory.


Tottenham’s forwards, on the other hand should always put pressure on Arsenal’s midfielders.


If they don’t give Arsenal’s ace Sanchez so many chances, there is not a lot to fear from Arsenal’s current attacking power.


Another good weapon for them is taking advantage of their height such as long balls, early crosses, and set plays.


By passing the ball well as well mixing in short and long counters, they can keep the opponent’s defense line low, which will give them their chance to get 3 points from this fixture.


One thing they need to be careful of is unnecessary chasing of the ball, if they misjudge even a little the midfielder’s pass work will break their form apart.


So they should try to avoid unnecessary risks and in retreat in dangerous situations while maintaining their defense well, which is the best strategy for the current Arsenal team.


The judgement of how to switch from offense to defense for midfielders Eriksen and Dele Alli is key.



-Let’s Predict This Game with Odds

Now let’s predict the exciting North London Derby between Arsenal and Tottenham looking at bookmaker’s odds.


William Hill



Of course the prediction is Tottenham, who plays at home, has a greater advantage in their winning odds.
It is not easy for Arsenal to win against a team who has yet to lose in their home ground, and are sitting in second place on the league table.


However this game is a derby match, which makes the atmosphere a little special and different, so you can’t say what is going to happen.


The past five games between these two resulted with 1 win 1 loss and 3 draws, so they are pretty balanced.


So Tottenham probably can’t get the victory as easy as the odds make it seem.




The Premier League is nearing its climax.


This game features two powerhouses battling in a match that will directly affect the ranking, and also features a long standing Derby match.


Both team have been rivals to each other, and because of the past few years matches with each other heav featured a lot of draws supporters are hoping for a clear win from one of the teams.


It is guaranteed that this will be an intense game, but who will get those crucial three points?


The North London Derby Tottenham vs Arsenal kicks off on April 30th in Japan, and you can’t keep your eyes off of this one.


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