Dortmund and Bayern are Having an Intense Staredown Before an Intense Battle with no Moment to Breathe.

As usual Bundesliga kings Bayern are sitting at the top of the German tables with their amazing strength.

Since April however they have been in poor form, and their shocking strength seems to have disappeared.

Bayern can still end up in a situation where they may not win the tournament.

So this battle against Dortmund is technically their last test to win this tournament so can they win to regain their title?

On the other hand Dortmund won a see saw match in their last outing.

In that game although their defense was lacking, they were able to win, and now they are going to play possibly the last game in the tournament.

Who is going to win the semifinals of the DFB Pokal, let’s predict the games with odds and other information.



Both Teams Condition

In their past six games Bayern was only able to win one.

The game with Real was an unavoidable defeat, however their last draw with Mainz was questionable for last year’s champions.

Fortunately they had a draw game with Leipzig and maintain an eight point lead at the top of the table.

However if they continue in this poor form it is possible they could fall out of the top position.

Where did their dream to win the Triple Crown go? All of a sudden Bayern has been backed into a corner.

Now they want to win their match on the 26th and recover their good form again.

As for Dortmund, they had a bad loss against Monaco recently.

With people thinking Dortmund had the advantage in that match, the result was a big letdown for Dortmund’s stars.
In the league the gap between Dortmund and Bayern is 14 points, so their chances to win the league are almost nonexistent, so their last hope for the season is the DFB Pokal.

They will put all of their effort and everything from the season, in what could technically be their last meaningful game.

Even in their last game against Mönchengladbach they won only by 1 goal with a 3-2 victory.

They still have concerns on defense, and they have their backs against the wall, so we can expect a much more intense effort than usual.



-Germany’s Knock Out System is a Little Different Than Usual

The Champion’s League, ACL, and Spanish Copa Del Rey lately have a lot of matches that combine two different legs.

However the DFB Pokal is still a single match elimination system.

It is a knockout style where one loss eliminates you from the tournament.

You can’t worry about scoring away goals or anything, the field becomes a war zone.

With that in mind, the first goal has a lot more meaning, and it is tough to move the scores around.

With that in mind the game has a lot more nervous energy. [The real 90 minutes as well as overtime and PK.] Will decide the game between these two powerhouses.

So it is guaranteed that this game will be full of the best of Soccer’s excitement just like the world cup.



-Game Development

In Bayern’s battle with Real Madrid, they were able to play well in the first half, but in the second half they were constantly giving up great chances.

Both games went that way due to Bayern’s red cards, so this seems to be the result of some carelessness and bad luck.

Because it’s predicted that they are going to have an intense tight game in the Pokal as well they need to avoid these unnecessary penalties.

Also the players who are going to come back in this game, such as Boateng’s condition are also something to look at.

In their match with Real, they were missing their ace as well as suffering from some injuries.

Another key will be their physical recovery leading up to the match on the 26th.

From the point of view of game development you want to look at midfielders Thiago and Vidal.

In both legs with Real, Vidal was playing great, but Thiago was lacking precision.

So they will be required to play in a way that can take advantage of strong offensive players like Lewandowski and Robben.

On the other hand Dortmund needs to focus on defense.

Especially forward players putting pressure from the front, to relieve some of the work from the midfield and defense.

Not to make the strong forward players in Bayern have so much possession they should put focus on that method throughout the game.

On the offensive side of the ball, they should do counters and side attacks that push against Bayern’s weak points.

Also long balls that cause mismatches [Thiago and Alaba] that can break their defensive form with many types of attacks.

If they can remember the game they played in the 11th match week where they won against Bayern 1-0, and they can pass the ball to Aubameyang they should be in a good position.

It is tough to do that throughout the whole match, but there must be a time where they can pull it off.

The only way to defeat Bayern will be to score goals for sure from these limited chances.



-Let’s predict the game with odds.

Now let’s predict this semifinal game that the world is excited about in the DFB Pokal Dortmund vs Bayern with odds.

William Hill


Even though it is against Dortmund it is no surprise that former champion’s Bayern have such a favorable odds gap.

With the last games result Dortmund was able to climb to the third rank on the table, but throughout the season they have lacked precision so a gap like this is to be expected.

It is also true that they did win against Bayern in the 11th game. The most recent results with Bayern was a win 2 losses and a draw, so they don’t seem to be that inferior.

So with their backs against the wall Dortmund will be a tough match for Bayern even though they are the champions.




In the DFB Pokal semifinal which is technically the last match for one of these teams will be an intense game for sure.

In the Champions League both teams fell out in the final eight.

The games that they have left are in the league and German cup.

Japanese people are excited about this game with Kagawa having a chance to compete.

You can’t keep your eyes off this game that kicks off on April 26th.

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