Okazaki and Leicester City Will Try to Get Revenge in Their Home Ground in The CL Second Leg

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In the Champions League first leg there was an intense battle at the Vicente Calderon which ended just 1-0 with Atletico winning.

Even though Atletico pulled off the victory Leicester seems to have a fighting chance coming into this game.

The second leg kicks off on April 18th at King Power Stadium.

This is an exciting game with expectations for Okazaki to play, so if you are a Japanese fan this game is a can’t miss spectacle.

So let’s predict this game with odds and other information.



-Both Teams Condition

Atletico has been maintaining a streak of games with no losses, even in their last game with Osasuna they had a 3-0 victory.

Ace striker Griezmann was rested in this game, but they could still show their amazing strength, and fans got a great impression of their squad.

Before they had some concerns about their ability to finish off their chances, but lately they have been improving.

So this team under Simeone is starting to look like they have no equal.

Leicester on the other hand, led their recent game by 2-0 but their opponents were able to catch up and finish with a draw.

This game became the sort of match to sap its team’s morale, so let’s hope they can recover as they move toward this match with Atletico.

In the Champions League away goals have the most value.

So even if Leicester gives up just one goal, the amount of goals they need will climb up to three.

Leicester who gives off the impression that they have a strong defense, will need to polish up their other skills in the Champions League.



-First Leg Game Development. Atletico got a goal advantage with a PK, but does Leicester have a hope for victory?

In the first leg, the home team Atletico won by a score of 1-0.

In the beginning of the game it was a one sided match.

Leicester was suffering from their opponent’s aggressive high press and had trouble connecting to their midfielders.

There was a few chances with vertical passes from their defense straight to Vardy but this didn’t last long.

However on defense they showed more tenacity than usual, and they kept clearing the ball before it got into the box.

They gave off the impression that they put a lot of focus on not allowing the pall to pass through vertically.

Even though it’s a fact they had a goal stolen away from an unlucky PK in that game, if they can keep their defense at this level in the second leg, maybe we can expect a great match.

Although Atletico is great at counters, it was amazing they could get a PK, because they were lacking in attack power throughout the game.

So their goal in the second leg will be figuring out how to break Leicester’s compact block.



-Game Development

Throughout the first leg there was not a lot of high paced attacking, so neither team had so many great chances.

Because Atletico has a one goal advantage it’s good if they can follow the same plan as the first leg, but Leicester needs to improve their attacks for sure.

So Leicester will most likely try different tactics this time around.

However as mentioned above, if Leicester even gives up one goal, they will need to score 3 goals, which will become a very difficult situation so their defense can’t afford to relax either.

It will be a mentally tough game for them, but let’s hope that they can do better than usual with the support of their home fans.

On the other hand, Atletico should focus on their set plays.

If they can steal even one goal, they can move forward in the game with a huge advantage.

So a random amazing play could be the key for Atletico in this game.

Also they should keep scattering Leicester’s attack with their great defense.

They shouldn’t just focus on defense and should show off their sharp attacks, but the number one thing to avoid is giving up the first goal.

The first game did not have so many things to excite the fans, but let’s hope for something different in the second leg.



-Let’s predict the game with odds.

Let’s predict this exciting game in the Champion’s League second leg of Leicester and Atletico with bookmaker’s odds.

William Hill


As expected these odds numbers look tough for Leicester, but in terms of the gap in points, you can tell there is a decent chance for them.

Especially in the first round, they won against the Spanish powerhouse Sevilla in a revenge match in the second leg.

So they are aiming for the same situation in this round as well.

All the players including Okazaki should play with a good work rate, and should finish the first half of the game protecting the 0-0 score line.

With this they might be able to make a miracle victory.

So let’s hope for an intense battle that is not even comparable to the first game.




European Champion’s League is nearing it’s climax, with this game’s result the best four teams will be decided.

Which team will emerge victorious in this competition that decides the top club in Europe.

This will be an intense battle for all clubs involved.

In the 16/17 which has a lot of expectations on Kagawa and Okazaki, is unmissable if you are Japanese.

The CL second leg which shows Leicester welcoming Atletico into their home ground kicks off on April 18th at midnight Japan time.

Let’s expect Okazaki to get some goals in addition to this intense battle that will energize any fan watching!

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