A Rematch of Last Year’s Final You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off of This Exciting CL

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The Champions League will decide Europe’s strongest club.

It happened again that famous rivals will battle again just like last year, with Real Madrid vs Atletico.

The battle of those two teams is something many people know as the Madrid Derby.

Fans remember the final of the 2012/13 season as well as the 15/16 season, so we can expect another interesting intense match, which is great for fans the world over.

The first leg will take place at Real’s home ground on May 2nd.

Let’s predict this game that has the world excited with odds and other information.



Both Teams Condition

Real lost against Barcelona at Barca’s home ground in the Clasico a few weeks ago.

Before the game people were predicting that Real had the advantage, but throughout the game they seemed to be in poor form.

They tried to stay persistent and were able to catch up to Barca twice, but Barca, who has been playing in great condition was able to get the winning goal in injury time.

As a result Real Madrid lost three crucial points.

Throughout that game Madrid let midfielder Busquets move around freely, which could have been one cause for their defeat.

They were also off their game on defense.

In the 33rd and 34th games of the season they won twice, so it doesn’t seem like their loss to Barca is affecting them so much right now, but the record of continuously key points is of concern.

On the other hand Atletico had a great win of 5-0 in their past match.

They have been maintaining their great form after their win against Leicester.

One concern for them however is that there have been so many injuries on the team, especially at the right back position.
Juanfran and Jimenez were both injured at that position.

So it’s a concern that it might affect their great defense.

Also on the attacking side, their Carrasco seems like he is also doubtful to play.

You can’t deny the fact that they have been backed into a corner before this upcoming match with Real.

Now people will probably put more attention to Simeone’s decision making and tactical decisions.

To be able to avenge last year’s loss, Atletico must get at least one away goal.



-The Past Game’s Results, Does Real Have the Advantage in the CL?

In the past few years these two teams have battled many times, but the past games seem like Real has been getting the best of them.

Especially the most recent memories are the 12/13 season and 15/16 season CL finals.

Both games went to overtime, but Real Madrid got the victory in each match.

Atletico wants to get their revenge against this opponent, who has made so many bad memories for them.

However Real is known as a team with insane strength in the CL against other Spanish teams.

In their past seven games they have not lost even once in that situation.

It will be a difficult game this year as well, but they will try to get the first leg’s victory with passionate play.

However in the semi-final Atletico has never had a game that they lost in their home ground [the second game with be at Atletico’s home ground].

So if they can do well in the first leg it will be possible for them to make it to the finals for the second year in a row.

You can’t miss this intense Madrid Derby this year either.



-Game Development

The 31st Madrid Derby on April 8th ended as a 1-1 draw, but the game flow was showing Real Madrid having more attacking chances.

Kroos and Modric’s defense shut out Atletico’s pass line and they did not let Torres play freely so they could avoid long counters.

You could say that it was a perfect game for Real, but they were unsatisfied with the result being 1-1.

There was one period of time in the game where they lost some focus, which ended up costing them two points in the standings.

This time they will fight in the Champion’s League.

One point will mean more in this than in the League[especially away goals].

Throughout the game they should be careful of Atletico’s counter.

Also this year’s Real seems to put too much focus on defense once they get the lead, which gives the opponent’s more attacking chances.

So if they could get the first goal, it will be key to keep putting pressure on their opponents.

On the other hand Atletico’s basic attack plan is countering.

They want to block and avoid opponent’s entering their box, and counter with vertical attacks which lead to goals through their opponent’s weak points.

However in the 31st Derby the opponent was also focused a lot on judging when to switch from defense to offense, so Atletico could not make a lot of chances throughout the game.

To avoid the same situation in the game they want to break Real’s formation with off the ball motion.

Especially in the first leg Griezmann and Torres work rate is essential.

Diagonal movement into places where there is no ball, or joining the formation in the midfield will keep the opponent’s from understanding their positioning, and lead to chances.



-Let’s Predict the Game with Odds.

Let’s predict the Champion’s League Madrid Derby’s exciting first leg with odds.

William Hill


So if you compare these two teams just by odds, Real has a huge advantage.

Even though they had a draw game in the recent Madrid Derby, in the first game at Atletico’s home ground Real won by 3-0.

The point gap between them in the league standings currently sits at 10, which shows a greater gap in their skill than usual.

However Derby matches are harder to predict, and they don’t line up with expectations so easily.

There is no doubt that they will have a very intense game with neither team giving up any ground.

Even with their current form it is certain Real has the advantage, but Atletico has a fair shot as well.



-In Conclusion

Like last year, Madrid’s powerhouse clubs will battle again in the CL.

Atletico must be excited for a chance at revenge for last year, but Real is also excited for another shot at the crown.

There has been many matches between these teams without the score line moving so much, but what will happen this time?

This exciting semi final kicks off on May 2[Japan time May 3].

You still can’t take your eyes off of European Soccer.

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