Can Injury Plagued Nishikori Stop The King of Clay Nadal

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The Madrid Open ended in victory for Nadal. With this victory the King of Clay has won three majors in a row, and he is gaining back his power on the clay court.

He climbed to fourth in the world rankings, and it seems like it is possible to win a Grand Slam.

If he could maintain this form he may be able to climb to number 1 in the world rankings.

On the other hand Japanese star Nishikori has been suffering lately.

He made it the semifinals in the Madrid open, but he ended up retiring from the competition with a wrist injury.

Because of this result he dropped down in the rankings, and he is in a pitiable situation with a Grand Slam upcoming.

This week is an ATP 1000 grade competition like last weeks, but can Nishikori show signs of recovery.

The ATP 1000 Italian International will be held from May 14th through May 21st.

Who is going to win this competition that will be the last before the French Open?

So let’s predict this competition’s victor with odds and other information.



-Injury Plagued Nishikori’s World Ranking is Dropping

It seems like Nishikori suffers from injuries on a yearly basis.

He often gets injuries in his calves and wrists in important situations, and it has always been a point of trouble for him to figure out the best way to rest during such a tough schedule.

He was going through this season very stably and injury free, but after 2017 began he started to suffer a lot of wrist injuries.

In the Madrid open before the back with Djokovic he had to retire from the competition, which was a shame.

The timing of the injury matched with the clay season, so it has been non stop bad news for him.

The clay court is a strength of Nishikori’s, but he could not gain any points so now his ranking has dropped below the top eight.

So this upcoming game will be very important for him.

Before the competition he said his wrist has been recovering well, so let’s hope that he will recover and can complete the Grand Slam.



-Is Nadal making a comeback with strong footwork and counter shots?

Nadal accomplished three victories recently in clay court competitions, and is recovering his old strength.

With his strong back and legs he hits the ball with a lot of velocity, and retrieves his opponent’s shots with an amazing ability to cover the court.

He is also skilled in down the line counters, and he can get victory from this diversity.

He is the only person on this tour who runs long distances typically, and although this running makes the body posture less than ideal he has a great left handed swing to make up for it.

Is there any way to stop the current Nadal?

He picks up any balls without difficulty, and if you try to finish him off quickly and move up toward the net, he will wait for you with a sharp passing shot.

Only with a shot near the line’s edge, or just batter him with non-stop power shots, it will be very difficult to get any points from Nadal.

The past few years it seemed like he was having some unsatisfying seasons, but he is still maintaining the strength that got him 81 straight victories on the clay.



-Federer skips the clay, and Nishikori wants to protect his 9th place ranking.

Roger Federer the Tennis legend is about equal with Nadal in terms of fame in the Tennis world.

This year Roger Federer completed the first Grand Slam, which was the Australian Open, and he was not playing like a man who is already 35 years old.

However he announced that he will skip the clay court season recently, because he is considering his own age, and wanted to avoid wasting his energy on a court he is typically not strong on.

This judgement is probably correct, but the fact that he is not going to show himself on the tour for a while will be sad news for Tennis fans.

For Nishikori however this is great news.

He fell out of the top 8 group, and missed the right to get a seed in the tournament, but because Federer decided to sit out, there is still a possibility for an eighth seed.

So in this competition he wants to keep his points at any cost.

Right below Nishikori is Goffin with a 415 point gap between them, so even a small difference can change their ranks quickly.

This competitions’ first match is Ferrer in a semi final with Djokovic, and a tough draw is waiting.

But if Nishikori can move up to the semi final he should easily be able to get seeded.



-Let’s Predict This Competition With Odds

Now let’s predict this ATP 1000 Italian Open with odds.

William Hill


So of course Nadal is the favorite to win the competition.

Now that Djokovic is in poor form there is no one who can stop Nadal.

However Nadal is more focused on the French Open than this competition.

Considering everything he probably won’t be playing at full force in this competition is the general feeling.

The three people who are next in the odds after Nadal are Djokovic, Murray, Wawrinka, and Thiem who is in great form.

In Madrid he finished in second place, and this year’s clay season he may become a person who could shake up the competition.

In a 2017 that shows both veterans and young stars playing great, who will get the victory here and in the French Open?

Nishikori who is around seventh place in the odds is another interesting player to watch.

-In Conclusion

The 2017 clay season is showing Nadal’s amazing strength.

Nadal is recovering his old power and is definitely on the way up.

If he can get the victory here, and the Grand Slam which would be 5 tournaments in a row, he would be a lock to get the number 1 rank in the world.

Including the upcoming battle with Federer the ATP looks very exciting.

This competition, in which you will also want to keep on Japan’s Nishikori, will start on May 14th.

So now who will win this amazing battle before the French Open, if you were a Tennis fan you will not be able to keep your eyes off this.

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