The Madrid Open Has Begun, Can The King of Clay Nadal Comeback?

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The ATP 1000 Tour Madrid Open has finally started.

Nishikori was not going to play in the Barcelona open, is coming back to battle after a long break.

Can he get the victory in the Men’s Singles that he always wanted?

Because this game will be in the clay court, which he is particularly skilled at playing on, there must be a lot of fans with high expectations.

Because Cilic had a recent victory Nishikori’s ranking dropped to eighth, and he wants to keep this position no matter what before the French Open.

The Madrid Open, which is held in Spain, begins on May 8th, is expected to be unmissable, let’s try and guess the results with odds and other information.



-Can Nishikori, who is in poor form, recover on the clay court he likes so much?

Once Nishikori was in the top four of the Tennis world rankings, but due to a constant stream of injuries his rank dropped to eight.

Now he is riding on the edge.

However this competition is on the clay court that he likes playing on.

Because he climbed into the world’s top four last year, he cannot afford to lose this tournament.

So if in the first game, or in the final eight, he loses any games, he could lose 320 points at max. This could cause him to fall from the top eight.

If he loses the top seed before the French Open, the dream of completing a Grand Slam will seem to be out of reach.

So the key for Nishikori this year is giving his best here at the Madrid Open.



-The Champion Djokovic’s coach was fired, and Nadal, who is maintaining his good form will compete in this tournament.

It is not only Nishikori who is in bad condition right now.

Djokovic was doing amazing in the tour until around this time last year, is currently suffering in poor form.

After the day he lost against Istomin in the Australian Open he couldn’t seem to find his form. After that his stability has dropped off significantly.

He is currently in an unbelievable situation, where throughout the tour he was lacking precision, and he has not had a competition where he made it through to the finals since.

Recently he announced he was firing his coach, is he mental condition ok?

This previous champion has had a lot of games ending poorly, but he had an amazing victory in this competition last year.

This tournament is said to be tough to win consecutively, but let’s hope that Djokovic will use this competition as a step to his recovery.

On the other hand in this past six months, The King of Clay Nadal has been showing a return to form.

In the Australian Open he made it to the finals for the first time in a long time.

Although he lost against Federer he made an impression that his form was recovering to the world.

Now he had continuous victories in Monte Carlo and Barcelona, and has been maintaining his good condition.

If he can recover his full power in the eighteenth clay court competition, he can aim for his 15th Grand Slam victory, 3 years after his last.

The form of these star players will make this tour even more exciting.



-If he can win against the tough opponent’s he has been drawing, it will lead to a bright future.

Now Nishikori’s opponent in the first game is Argentina’s Diego Schwartzman.

Even though he is a short 170cm he has been able to maintain his position at 43rd.

He is a young player on the tour, who people have good expectations for, because he had a great victory against Dimitrov in 2016.

Because Nishikori had a difficult start this year it became a tough draw for him.

As a player Schwartzman is not a difficult opponent, but Nishikori cannot afford to relax.

Let’s hope that he will keep stables serves and win cleanly to make it to the next round.

Also the opponent in the third game is a great rival in Tsonga, in the quarterfinals will be against Djokovic so this was an unlucky draw for him.

Maybe Nishikori’s honest feeling is that he wants to preserve his energy for the rest of the tournament in the first game.



-Let’s predict this competition with odds.

Let’s predict this game with bookmaker’s odds.

William Hill


According to the odds, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray is the ranking.

You can see Nishikori being seventh and eighth in the odds.

Even though it is the tournament that he is typically good at playing in, due to the past games that he has not been at his best, his odds seem to have been affected.

This year’s goal is completing an MS and a Grand Slam. Can he accomplish that this year?

This is an important game before the French Open, completing this tournament will speak a lot to Nishikori’s future.



-In Conclusion

The chance to recover his lost form at the important Madrid Open is there for Nishikori.

His first goal is that he can finish his tough first match in a good way.

We don’t know how much his condition has recovered from the injury, but all Japanese people are hoping for the best.

By completing this game before the French Open, let’s hope he can show off his great recovery.

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