How Will the Battle for Fourth in the Premier League End? The Top Teams are Battling to Decide Their Futures.

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Arsenal lost against Tottenham in a derby match in their last game.

It’s been 22 years since they were ranked lower than their rival team, and the fans anger is reaching the breaking point.

This game is a serious game to be able to get the fourth rank.

If they lose any points here they are going to fall from contention.

So it’s of utter importance to get the three winning points from this game.

On the other hand Man U didn’t get three points against a low ranked team in their last game.

The number of draw games they had this year is making the non-loss record seem unimportant, and their supporters are very frustrated.

The 36th game of the Premier League will see Arsenal welcome United in their home ground.

Both teams cannot afford to lose any points here, now which team will enjoy the victory after this battle.

Let’s predict this exciting game with odds and other information.



-Both Teams Condition

City and Liverpool’s poor form since April has affected the league standings, and United has a big chance of making a comeback for fourth place.

However, due to injuries the last game was a draw with Swansea.

Throughout the year in important situations United has not had a signature performance, can they get three points in this match with Arsenal?

It’s going to be a game during their busy schedule with the EL, but let’s hope they will play with their max power.

On the other hand, Arsenal who lost the North London Derby which decided they will be lower ranked than Tottenham for the first time in 22 years.

After the game Wenger was furious and went in front of the media, but they can’t just keep looking down.

If they miss the chance to win this game it’s a guarantee that they will fall below fourth place.

In this game that is in their home ground, they really want to end it with their victory.



-United has many injured players, a difficult situation for the team.

In the EL semi-final against Celta, United won 1-0 in an away game.

They succeeded in running away with possession by the sharp forwards rushed free kick, but at the end of the game Young had to switch out due to injury.

Not only Ibrahimovic and Shaw, but also Young had to be subbed out due to injury.

United has been caught up in the Premier League’s tough schedule, and has a lot of injuries, so maybe they are in a tough spot now.

There is a lot of concern for the condition of the players, including starting members in this game.

It is clear that it’s going to be difficult due to it being an away game, but it will also test the teams’ power as well.



-Game Development

In the 34th game of the season against City, perhaps due to exhaustion, United was mostly focused on defense.

This game’s timing is also tough, so it is predicted that their work rate will decrease.

Home field Arsenal, wants to attack this point of United’s.

It’s possible that from the beginning of the game they can increase their possession of the ball, and if they can make the opponents run for defense they can drain their stamina.

If you can put Ozil in the center, and perform good side passes, which would make the opponent’s move laterally and move around a lot with one touch plays, Arsenal should be able to score.

If they can stay calm in front of the goal in the first half they will move closer toward their goal of getting 3 points from the game.

On the other hand United wants to make sure the defense is solid, and that they can use set plays by focusing on their height.

There will be a gap between United and their opponents in regards to the movement they can make, but if they can get the first goal against their opponent’s flow that would be great.

In their battle with Celta in the EL, there was an amazing free kick from their forward, so they should keep their focus on set plays.

Also they key for them is judgement on defense and offense throughout the game.

Deciding when to protect or attack, and making this decision clearly is a requirement for them to preserve stamina for the players.

However there will of course be players in bad condition, so it will be interesting to see how Mourinho will change the players throughout the game.

Maybe his eyes towards the players will be a key point of the game.



-Let’s predict this game with odds.

Now let’s predict this exciting match between Arsenal and United with odds.

William Hill


It can’t be helped that the odds look this way given the schedule and other factors.

It is predicted that United will be at a big disadvantage from beginning to end in this game.

However this year’s Untied does not lose even in these conditions.

Even though they have a no loss record including a lot of draw games, in terms of avoiding bad situations, United is the best.

For both teams getting three points from the win is a necessity, but it is possible that it will also be a draw game.

If there is an early goal, the game will be intensify a lot.




The 36th game of the Premier League shows Arsenal welcoming United.

Both teams who are fighting to get fourth place in the league, need these three points from the win.

If Arsenal loses they can be eliminated from contention for the fourth place spot, so this is a scary game for them where they must win.

This important game that can decide the league’s future will kick off on May 7th [Japan time May 8th].

You still can’t stop watching the Premier League.

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