City is in Serious Danger of Missing Fourth Place as They Currently Await a Match with Rivals Palace

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Manchester City had an unfortunate loss against Middlesbrough in their last game.

Around the time when Pep first took over the team they were winning consistently, but recently they have been having unstable games.

There are three more games left in this season, and if they fail to get the 3 points from winning it is possible that they will fall from fourth place.

It is necessary for this powerhouse team to win all the games they have left on the schedule.

On the other hand Crystal Palace show amazing ability toward the end of their battles with low ranked teams.

Can Crystal Palace’s fangs which defeated powerhouse teams like Liverpool and Chelsea reach Manchester City as well?

The Premier League 36th game will see Manchester City welcome Crystal Palace in their home ground.

Let’s predict this exciting game with odds and other information.



-Both Teams Condition

In the last game City had a draw game against Middlesbrough which was unfortunate.

They were hoping to get the 3 points from the match to fight in the battle for fourth place, but Middlesbrough got the first goal, and City’s game plan collapsed.

On attack, Silva was unavailable for this game so they could not play at their best, and on defense they showed their weakness to set plays.

Because the opposing team does not have a sharp counter ability, City is probably suffering a little more from this result.

That game seemed to show only City’s bad points, but can they finish with a great win in this game?

On the other hand Crystal Palace has been eating big club teams around the end of the season.

Crystal Palace managed to escape from the bottom of the table by winning against Chelsea, Liverpool, and United.

Right now they are ranked 16th in the Premier League, but in a way they are the most difficult team to defeat.

Even though it’s a game with a high and low ranked team, it’s predicted that it will be an intense match more than gap on the standings shows.

So let’s hope that both teams are going to play with a lot of intensity.



-Game Development

City has shown good possession in battles with United and MIddlesbrough, but they lack actual scoring ability.

Their lack of ability to win even though they are in control of the game is showing a lot toward the end of the season.

There must be a lot of reasons it’s that way, but it’s most likely a result that they don’t have a good strategy to break the team’s formation down in the end.

There has been a lot of attacks that end with a simple cross or shot from the middle, and the opponent’s players are able to block them in the box, and bounce out the ball with ease.

So maybe playing a vertical first attack plan will help lead to goals for City.

In the Middlesbrough battle there was an intense power you could feel from De Bruyne’s run to counter attack.

If they can do faster build up they can increase their ability to score.

To be able to make good use of great one touch plays in front of the goal they want to set up some good plans for the end of the game.

On the other hand Crystal Palace is aiming for counter attacks.

By making players go aggressively into City’s side defense, which is their weak point, it will lead to them being in control of the attacks more.

If they could finish the first half of the game with no goals, City will start to panic.

When City starts to get frustrated and panic, it is a sign for Crystal Palace to counter attack.
Palace, who won against a lot of powerhouse teams until now, will try their best to flip the situation to win against Powerhouse City as well.



-Let’s Predict This Game with Odds

Now let’s predict this exciting game between City and Crystal Palace with bookmaker’s odds.

William Hill


As expected of City the odds show more than a ten times gap in their favor.

However two of the games that Palace won against powerhouse teams were away games.

The fact that strong teams like Chelsea and Liverpool lost against Palace cannot be ignored so easily.

And in this game as well is pretty certain that Palace is aiming to win.

So even though it is against a low ranked team City shouldn’t underestimate them.

If they don’t use all the power they have, their feet will be kicked out from under them.

The Premier League’s 36th match week game between these two teams is predicted to be intense.

It will be a game you can’t keep your eyes off until the very end.




Now the Premier League is finally reaching the end.’

There’s been many intense games, including battles for victory, and also the battles to finish in the top four.

Each club used all their members to get their winning points whenever they had the chance.

The 36th match week features 4th ranked City going up against 16th ranked Palace.

In this game that is predicted to be intense, which team will we see get the three points?

This exciting game kicks off on May 6th [Japan time May7th].

You can’t keep your eyes off the Premier League until the very end.

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