Tottenham is shooting for the Top and Wants to get Three Points from Their Next Game to Get the Reverse Victory

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Tottenham had a great win against Arsenal in the North London Derby.

They are going to play in the upcoming 36th match week keeping a four point gap with league leaders Chelsea.

The next game will be the last tough game for them to be able to win the league, and it will be against United.

It is necessary for them to get the three points from the win.

On the other hand, 15th place West Ham United has only 39 points right now, but there is not concern they will fall out of the league.

However they do want to get a good result to make sure they maintain good form for next season.

The Premier League 36th match week will see West Ham welcome Tottenham in their home ground.

Let’s predict this important can’t miss game with odds and other information.



-Both Teams Condition

In the last game at White Hart Lane Tottenham won 2-0 in the North London Derby, and could maintain their four point gap with Chelsea.

In the league they have had two different win streaks at home, a 9 game and 13 game streak, and are maintaining this fine form towards the end of the season.

They played well in the last derby match, better than the odds had predicted.

If it was just a measure of power, they are possibly a better team than Chelsea.

They want to win for sure against a low ranked team in this game as well, and hope to reach the top of the league.

On the other hand West Ham is not in great form right now, with only 1 win in the past 10 games.

Because they don’t have any worries of dropping down out of the Premier League they may be taking it easy, but they should show their perseverance against a high ranked team to help prepare for next season.

In their last game they finished without any goals, but in this game can they shoot for 3 points.

Let’s hope for an intense match.



-Is there a chance for Tottenham to get a reverse victory? Next game will be with West Ham United.

In the next game Tottenham battle with West Ham, so this game is a game they can’t lose no matter what.

The top team Chelsea won against Everton, and the remaining games are against low ranked teams.

It’s hard to think that Chelsea will lose, so for Tottenham it is required to finish out the season with all wins.

The next game against West Ham United will be an intense game so if they don’t get three points from this game, winning the league will be almost hopeless.

The closest way for them to get the reverse victory is not to relax, and use their full power.



-Game Development

Tottenham showed very intense power on defense and offense in their last match with Arsenal.

They could block well in vital areas, and avoided their opponent’s attacks.

Once they got possession they showed a very quick attack and could reach their opponent’s goal line.

Tottenham’s strong point is how well they switch from defense to offense.

The ability to do not such a heavy high press, move vertically, and retreat quickly to form a balanced offense and defense.

Also on defense, midfield, and attack they have physically strong players, and they have a good reputation in midair battles that take advantage of height.

Their soccer is very physical and focuses on showing off their premier skills.
However if you want to point a weakness of Tottenham’s it is that their attack ability cannot really break teams that have a tough defense.

Compared to other big clubs they give off the impression that they are not good at connecting the ball through short passes.

Especially the defense’s attractiveness goes down if Harry Kane and Dele Alli are marked man to man.

They can’t really use their strength if there is no vertical space in the wing like Son Heung-min.

For West-Ham they should protect their vital areas with their defense, and attack the opponent’s weakness.

If they can steal the ball in good form from their frustrated opponents they should be able to connect it to score.

The most important point in this game will be stealing the second ball.

The team who steals the ball that falls from the midair battles will grab the lead in this game.

It is definite that Tottenham has the advantage, but let’s hope that West Ham also plays passionately.



-Let’s Predict This Game With Odds.

Now let’s predict this exciting game between West Ham and Tottenham with bookmaker’s odds.

William Hill


Even though the game is in West Ham’s home ground you can see a big gap in the odds.

The gap that is roughly 6 times more in favor of Tottenham, is this gap showing the gap in skill between these times?

But Tottenham cannot afford to relax.

It will be important to get the victory in the best way possible for the next battle.

They seem to have many draw games because this year’s away results are seven wins, one loss, and six draws.

Tottenham cannot afford to lose any points for a chance at a reverse victory, but can they really win this game?

It is guaranteed to be an intense fight.




The Premier League 36th match well will see West Ham welcoming Tottenham in their home ground.

Tottenham has a possibility to get a reverse victory and win the league, it is necessary for them to get three victories in a row including this game.

It is a difficult situation, but the attitudes of never giving up may create a miracle.

Now who is going to win the Premier League this year, Chelsea or Tottenham?

There is no doubt that there is going to be more games that you will want to watch.

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