Football giants personal Showdown Where is Manchester United’s 4th place finish?

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There are just 2 matches left before Chelsea can spearhead into the championships.

There’s no doubt that the fans are excited for the first championship in 2 years.

But the premier league is far from over.

There are still currently 4 teams just hanging on whilst fighting for the fourth place position.

Within those 4 teams, today’s match is Manchester United playing away against Tottenham Hotspurs.

A direct showdown between 2 top-tier teams, there’s no doubt that from here on out it will become a battle that is being predicted by many.

The premier leagues 37th match.

Let’s to determine the odds between the two teams in the highly anticipated Tottenham hotspurs Vs Manchester united game.



Recent performances of both teams

United came 2nd in the European League. They drew at home against Celta 1-1 and then in the 2nd match confirmed their advancement to the championship finals.

To confirm their appearance in the next UEFA champion’s league Manchester united would either have to be top 3 in the league of win the European league.

During the final stage there were times where they seemed as though they were being cornered as well as some other pretty dire developments, but they had gotten 1 win closer to entering into the champion’s league.

On the other hand Tottenham Hotspurs lost to Westham 0-1.

Based on just pure results it feels as though the win this time is going to Chelsea.

This time, the match is the veteran team Manchester United playing at home, but this victory will connect to the next season.

We also have the leading scorer Kane, this isn’t just a match we can overlook.



Both teams motivation? Is it just a throwaway match?

This time around the match is between two veteran giants, but the motivation of both teams is probably quite low.

Tottenham have already lost their dream of winning the championship, their finishing place has already been decided and it’s not in the top 4.

On the opposite end, Manchester United are focusing on winning the European league.
The coach Marino has also given a statement that he wishes to focus more on the European league than this one.

It can’t be said for certain that this is going to be a throwaway match, but it’s more than likely that both teams’ coaches want to get through this match without any of their players being injured.

Especially Manchester united who have the finals of the European league to worry about.

We can predict that there’s a high probability that this match could become a very half-hearted one.



Match Developments

This time Tottenham Hotspurs is playing at home.

There shouldn’t be any issues with their planning of how they’re going to start the match and make their plays.

But, the premier leagues number 2 has a huge weakness in the communication and co-ordination of their front line.

There are a lot of players who are good at attacking the opposing team, but there aren’t many players who can create an opportunity to score.

Their usual attack pattern is either crossing the ball in from the side, or a post-play from a high ball.

Their last match ended the same awful way with not being able to find an opening.

When talking about ways in which lower end clubs can take wins from the larger ones, it’s usually talks of thorough planning with good defense, but the currently 6th place Manchester United’s strong point is just that.

They have a lot of draws and don’t often move on the ladder, but they’re the number 1 league team that don’t lose when it comes to moving.

How do you create a battle plan for such an enemy?

This match is the perfect opportunity to start to improve the best way to answer this question.

Since Tottenham Hotspurs have great ability when it comes to their judgement in attacking and defense as well as when to retreat, there’s no doubt that if they can clear this goal then there is more than enough chance that they can win this match.

Not thinking of it as a throwaway match, but going full-force against Manchester united and then using that to continue on to the next match.

With regards to Manchester United, their plan is clear.

There is no doubt they will use their defense countering tactics like always.

But, like Tottenham, Manchester United also want to increase the variation of their attacks.

In the 2nd match against Celta, Rushford wasn’t running up and down the pitch at his full potential, and didn’t improve in the areas where he’s lacking.

There is information that there are injured people within the team, but this is definitely a place that needs to be improved upon for the European League.

If you can’t react and defend quickly when it’s needed, then you will never reach Chelsea’s level as a team.

If we’re talking about Fellaini and midfielders then he’s very strong, but his attack and defense on the left and right wing are still very much lacking.

Based on the increase of their momentum, if you create an exceptional circumstance where they can attack vertically it would become a very strong strategy.

During this match the midfielder that Chelsea chose, Marcos Alonso Mendoza, has plenty of momentum, is a strong and devoted front line, and made some amazing plays during the match.
Manchester United should also be aiming for these kinds of lineups where the players make the most of their teammates and work together.

Although there are a lot of places which they should work on improving for the next season, the one thing they should definitely focus on this their movement on the field when attacking.



Let’s predict the match

Let’s predict this exciting match.

Whilst comparing the odds I will try and predict the outcome of the Tottenham Hotspurs vs. Manchester United match.

William Hill


It seems as though Tottenham are the team that seems more considerable.

I wonder if the fact that it’s a home game is affecting the numbers quite a lot.

But if we look at the past 5 games we can see that Manchester United have quite a big lead at 3 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw.

I don’t know how much these numbers will have an effect on the game, but it doesn’t seem as though either team will let it get to them.

It’s true that the favorable team here Tottenham hotspurs, but there’s definitely no reason to think that Manchester United has no chance of winning.



The premier league where Chelsea’s win is settled.

The last thing to see is the fierce battle for the top 4, and which teams will get into the champions league.

The premier leagues 37th match.

Tottenham Hotspurs playing against Manchester United on their home grounds.
For people who are a fan of overseas football there is no way you can miss this, it’s a 5/14 (In Japan 5/15) kick off.

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