Nightmare Comes Again for Barcelona, Will a Miracle Never Happen?

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April is an important month for Barcelona.

After the Champion’s League second round with Juventus, the Clasico is waiting for them as an away game.

Lately this Spanish powerhouse teams have not been doing great and they seem to be headed in the wrong direction.

Neymar, who said bad things to the referee will not be able to play in the Clasico match.

In addition to this, in the CL games with Juventus they lost completely, so the team has been receiving a constant stream of bad news.

Now people are starting to think Barcelona’s golden age could be coming to an end.

Can they turn things around in this season? The world is very curious.

On the other hand the powerhouse team Juventus, who is dreaming of their sixth victory are doing amazing things in the league this season.

In the first game they performed amazingly well and showed off their strengths by winning against Barcelona.

Europa Champion’s League best eight round, the second game will be at Barcelona’s home ground.

Now let’s predict this game that has the world’s interest with odds and other information.



-Barcelona is lacking precision, on the other hand Juventus is in fantastic form.

Barcelona recently had a match with Real Sociedad with Neymar missing from the lineup.

Because of that, Paco Alcacer played to fill in Neymar’s spot, his attacking skill was impressive but he was lacking in defense.

Especially his press was lacking impact so even after the battle with Juventus the team could show no improvement.

The only hope you can see for them is Messi’s recovery of form, especially his first goal was spectacular.

If he can play like this in the second leg of the CL Barca will have a great chance for victory.

However if you consider their sub par defense, this will definitely be a tough game.

Juventus on the other hand, got a clean sheet victory in their last game.

They showed off their stable strength, and now they have their sights on victory in the CL.

Both teams are heading into the second leg in pretty opposite levels of form.

Barcelona who is in a dark place to make the best four are hoping to play well with support from their home ground fans.



-First games result, Barcelona got pushed around in the midfield.

Due to the lack of impact in Barcelona’s press the ball was stolen around on the second play.

It was a very poor performance for Barca just like the first game with PSG. This must have been a sad sight for Soccer fans the world over.

In front of Juventus’ defense they could not pass into the vital attacking areas, and were stymied in the middle of the field.

WIth this the flow was countered, and Barca fell into Juventus’ strategy.

If they can get a good work rate from their midfielders like Paris, and play defense as well as their Italian counterparts they could be an iron wall.

It won’t be easy to break Juventus’ defense in Camp Nou either.

We want to hope for a good game for Barca, but the reality is that it is a tough ask for them.



-Game Development

Barcelona needs a margin of victory of more than three goals, in addition if the other team scores they will need more than four goals.

If they can attack from the beginning of the game, and aim for scoring goals at every chance they could do well.

However the current Barca will have a tough time breaking Juventus’ defense.

They suffer from high press in the midfield and Neymar’s dribble will be blocked by man to man play, and they won’t let Messi and Suarez move freely.

The only thing Barca can rely on is long shots from outside the vital areas of attack.

So if they can do sharp mid range shots early on in the game, like their battle with Sociedad they should have a good chance in the game.

However the opponent’s goalkeeper the iron wall Buffon, so from any point of view it is very hard for Barca to make the best four.

On the other hand Juventus should work on their defense throughout the beginning of the game like the failure in Paris.

If they can play the second leg like the first game they will easily make the best four.

Especially if they can avoid midfielders attack and defense, they can be very successful in Camp Nou as well.

If they focus too much on defense early on in the game, they may suffer the same result as PSG so they should maybe focus on a midfield press that can result in counter attacks.

So even if Barcelona gets the first goal they should be able to react calmly, and have a chance to make the final four for sure.

But they should never relax against Barca, a 3-4 point advantage is almost equal to nothing.

If they don’t do a good high press, and keep a good strategy against Barcelona they might make some fatal mistakes.



-Let’s predict the game with odds.

Now let’s predict the odds using odds from famous bookmakers.

William Hill


If you look at these games results only Barcelona has a bigger advantage.

But Barcelona needs at least three goals to advance in addition to winning.
Also Juventus this year has not had a loss of more than 3 goals, so this number seems hopeless for Barcelona.

So Barcelona has to hope for a miracle similar to the PSG game, but the most important thing is getting that first goal.

If they can get the first goal in the beginning of the game they will have a ray of hope.

It is clear that it will be a hard game for them, but let’s hope they will manage to put all their power into this game.



-In Conclusion

Last year the Champion’s League ended with Real Madrid’s victory.

People all over the world are curious about who will become Champions this year, given how shaky the standings have been the world over.

The European Champion’s League Round of 8 is now on it’s last day.

Can Barcelona have another miracle win against powerhouse Juventus?

This exciting game will kick off on April 20th at midnight Japan time, you can’t keep your eyes off of this exciting game.

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