Arsenal who controlled the big game are off to away for 3 days. Keep an eye on Yoshida’s performance

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Arsenal, the team who controlled the match at a crucial time last match against Manchester United.

With their win against City, the point difference has increased to 6. With the results of this game they are now, although regrettably, able to get the point difference down to 3.

However, they can’t let the victories get to their heads.

Aiming the champions league, there are still a lot matches to come that they can’t afford to lose.

This season they have an away game against quite a low ranking team, but if they aren’t able to take the victory with ease, there’s a definite chance that last match’s victory will be washed away as if it never even existed in the first place.

On the other side, South Hampton who have taken 42 points and are currently placed 10th in the league.

I don’t have any worries about them being demoted, but surely the match against the high ranking team will leave scars that are still around for next one.

The premier leagues 34th season (Due to postponement a meeting is being held on 5/8)

South Hampton face Arsenal at home in a very important match.

The game you don’t want to miss, the fight for 4th place, let’s weight up the odds and try to predict the outcome of the match.



Both team’s conditions

It seems as though Arsenal are making a steady recovery from the FA Cup match against City.

We can now see just how much potential Wenger had as a coach, after leaving.

With people like Giroud using long counters as tactics, whilst constantly drilling into the enemy team without giving in where looking as though they were going to be the victor.

Currently they are sitting at rank 6 on the ladder, but if they can win this match they can be promoted to 5th place.

It’s also not just a dream that they could finish within the top 4.

There’s no doubt that they’re hoping to fight with the lower ranked team and take 3 points without showing any signs of slack.

On the flip side South Hampton who had a valuable draw against the higher ranked opponents Liverpool last match.

Giving huge praise to the Japanese player Yoshida, it was a match we haven’t seen in a while where his strenuous efforts in defense shone bright.

They are a club that are far from winning since 4/15, but after last matches draw, I wonder if we could say that it’s enough of a feat for the team?

During this times match they are again, against a big club, but I would like to see them give it their best in defense.



Match developments

Not including the fact that there weren’t many opportunities in the previous game against Manchester United, Arsenal finished the game with a 2-0 lead.

Wondering if there was a little influence on Manchester United’s side due to their busy schedule with the European league, or if there are parts where the team needs to improve due to their lack of strength and skill.

Again without letting the enemy create many opportunities due to their amazing defense, even with the small mistakes, the goalkeeper Petr Čech kept any chance of scoring out of the game for Manchester United.

The win should have some effect on the teams drive in the future as well.

But, the game we really want to see is the next match against South Hampton.

Arsenal like to see their opponent’s attacks as an issue and pull back to defend, there’s no doubt that they’ll want to continue the approach of stealing points in just the right moment during the upcoming game as well.

I can’t say using Yoshida’s defense capabilities is a good plan this time around, I feel like they would want some skillful plays and pass work that drives their opponents to the limits.

As well as that, they definitely need to be focusing on the counter attacks.

Keeping the center field compact throughout the game, whilst also leading some fast but clean sliding tackles should lead them to a definite victory during this game.

Their opponents South Hampton, who last game took control of the skies against Liverpool surely want to be using that tactic again.

We can definitely say that Yoshida’s set ups were a crucial point to the match.

Different to Liverpool, Arsenal are really good at at breaking down the pass-work and re-taking control of the ball, so South Hampton will have to keep a close eye are their behind throughout the game.

Without hesitating when it comes to their movement when not holding the ball as well as diagonal movement, if they cant take the ball to the final line then there’s no doubt they will have a solid defense.

Side back, in a way Volante’s super fast covering. If they protect the final line with not just 4 people but 5, then surely there’s a chance of a totally unexpected result from this game?

If they can finish the first half with a 0-0 score, surely there are some chances that can be made.



Let’s predict the match using the odds

The premier league’s 34th match.

For the people who can’t miss the match for the battle of 4th place, let’s confirm the odds.

Betting site William Hill

Betting site BET365

As expect, the away team arsenal seams to have the lead.

However, just looking at BET365, the odds are less than 2x, so we can safely assume that there’s a decent chance for South Hampton.

By the way, both of the teams latest 5 matches include 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses.

Also, lately Arsenal haven’t been able to increase their away win rate with it currently being 2 wins and 4 losses.

I don’t know how much this data will affect the outcome of the game, but the chance of an unexpected outcome isn’t all that low.




The Premier league’s 34th match.

South Hampton at home take on Arsenal, but which team will take the victory?

For Arsenal who are battling for 4th place on the ladder, this is a match they need to win to achieve that goal.

Their opponents South Hampton finally after 4 games have a feeling that they can win.

A match that can’t be missed, kick off is on 5/10 (5/11 in Japan).

The Premier league is still not something that can be missed.

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