Real Madrid heading for their final do-or-die battle an important match for predicting the championship

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Real Madrid who even though just lost against Atletico have confirmed their place in the champions league after the results of 2 games.

They are the strong team that have entered 3 times in the last 4 years, but standing in their way of the championship is their old-enemies Juventus.

Furthermore, even though they lost against Barcelona they have kept their 1st place ranking within the league.

They are only 3 wins away from reaching their one goal of being in the championship.

But, this will be the last critical match for Sevilla FC.

The Spanish veterans who are currently in 4th place have let themselves slip a little towards the end of the season, but they are still not a team to underestimate.

League Esponol’s 37th match

Real Madrid at home Vs. Sevilla FC.

Let us try to weigh up the odds for a match you can’t miss if you’re a football fan.



Both team’s recent performance

Real Madrid who came 2nd in the champions league.

Even though it was a game they overcame against Atletico who had a 3-point lead and were at home, they put up a really good fight.

They first lost a point at 12 minutes from a corner kick, and then again at 16 minutes from a penalty.

Losing 2 points in the first half of the match, their opponent was only 1 point away from flipping the tables.

The 3-point lead had been flipped 180 degrees. During that time an atmosphere of unrest had quickly begun to form within the current kings.

The one who brought them back into the match was Penzema with his amazing play.

3 of Atletico’s defenders controlled the ball beautifully from the line, up until the last pass into a cross.

After the goal keeper deflected the ball Isco came in a stole a huge away goal.

In the end this goal became the deciding factor, and decided that Real Madrid’s fate in this match.

The match itself wasn’t anything special, but the fact that they played well enough to continue on is something to be proud of.

From now on they should definitely be improving their defensive capabilities as well as some other areas they seem to have overlooked, but the team’s overall atmosphere seems good.

With todays match, they are finally within reach of taking their 2nd crown.

On the opposite side, Sevilla who’s last match was a draw.

Since entering the final matches they haven’t been able to win a game and have fallen to 4th place in the league.

At one point, Sevilla who were thought able to beat Real Madrid, have in the end, as thought not got the deciding power to stay to the end of the season.

I wonder if coach Sampaoli can repair his team who’s cogs have come out of sync.

This is a game which if they win, they have a chance to get into the champions league by advancing into 3rd place.

This isn’t just a game that Real Madrid can’t afford to lose, but it also seems like one that Sevilla can’t afford to lose either.



Match Developments

After Zidan took control of the team, you could see Real Madrid’s style changing.

Following in the footsteps of when Mourinho and Ancelotti were around, when playing against lower ranked opponents using position soccer and adapting to various different situations and playing well.

During Real Madrid’s first championship they were implementing 4-3-3, 4-2-3 and other formation changes based on the time.

I wonder if their ability and style to not let the enemy control them has had an affect on their ability to win matches up until now?

During this match they’re against Sevilla who put top priority into positioning.

Thinking about this we can probably assume they will start off with a 4-3-3 plan.

However the game is in their base so the enemy might get into the match through faults in their defense.

If that’s the case, then they need to prioritize changing their positions through the match.

Whichever strategy they use the players with the most influence will be the 3 in the middle, but this match as expected Casemiro and his movement will be a huge part to the winning of this match.

If he is able to take the ball from Nasri, he then has the chance to connect that into a quick attack.

But with the movement of the two players on the front line creating any space in the back-lines is very difficult, so they will be wanting to make their plays before this formation is created.

Also if they start focusing on the sides and crossing the ball, eventually the defenders will get tired and their slides and pressure should become slow.

If they can then make sure to cleanly move the ball through the front, it should be an easy victory.

On the other side their opponents Sevilla, I’m predicting a difficult match.

They probably want to deliver a game with good positioning, but if they can actually pull that off well is a different story.

If they don’t up their defense, being able to oppose Real Madrid will be very difficult I think.

To make sure they don’t take any goals during the first half the defense of the sides of the pitch is very important.

To constantly have the same or more players than their opponent, their anchor covering is vital.

To connect into a sharp counter as well, they need to make sure to return their enemies attacks properly and well.



Let’s predict the match using the odds

Alright, the match that will help predict the championship.

Real Madrid Vs. Sevilla, let’s take a look and confirm the odds.

Betting site William Hill

Betting site BET365

This match will predict the championship. Rank 1 Vs Rank 4.

But the odds are quite different. You can already understand that there’s a difference of over 10x.

I wonder if Sevilla’s bad atmosphere is playing a part in this?

But, if we look at the previous matches Real Madrid hasn’t been able to take one yet. (1 loss 1 draw)

It’s unclear as to if the odds here will actually have any effect on the match itself.

Though there’s no doubt Real Madrid have the advantage, but it’s no mystery that there might be some strange outcomes during the finals of the league.

There’s no doubt that this will become an exhilarating match.




The Espanola League’s 37th match.

An important match with Real Madrid at home playing against Sevilla.

In the end I wonder if Real Madrid can take this match and confirm their entry into the championship?

Sevilla should definitely be giving it their all if they want to reach their dream of finishing in the top 3.

This highly anticipated game has a 5/14 (5/15 in Japan) Kick off.

We still cant overlook our football from overseas.

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