City are 1 step ahead in the fight for fourth place? The only thing standing in the way is Leicester city’s Okazaki

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The chaos and confusion causing fight for 4th place.

The team from 3rd place to 6th place are all grouped together within a difference of just 4 points, its going to be an interesting and unforgiving contest until the endgame.

It’s been predicted from a while ago that this time’s match is going to become a very intense one, but on top of that it seems as though the matches that can’t be missed are not going to end here.

This time, it’s the highly anticipated match where 4th place City taking on the winners of their previous season during last year, Leicester City.

Let us try and compare the odds and make some predictions about the match that people who are fans of overseas football, simply cannot afford to miss.



Both team’s recent conditions

Drawing with Middlesbrough, aiming for a spot in the top 4 but with dark clouds looming over City.

But with last match finished at 5-0 it seems as though they have woken up a little, as well as it seems as though they will re-take their good pace.

But, I wonder if there’s still a little unrest about the match within the team?

Taking a lot of points during the first half quickly, but being unable to take and after that.

I guess it’s true that a lot of their attacks rely a lot on Silva, there weren’t a lot of plays that happened where his presence wasn’t seen or felt.

As well as that, their side defense, from beginning to end had Zaha and Benteke being pressured, there wasn’t many dangerous situations that were created due to the counters.

It’s good to enjoy and boast about your victory, but to ensure they can perform for the remaining matches as well, they need to take a look at where they can improve themselves.

On the opposing side, the team who had an overwhelming victory of 3-0 against Watford, Leicester City.

It has been decided who will be staying behind in the Premier league.

Especially Vardy and Mahrez with their sharp dribbling and cut-in skills that can rival even the big clubs.

This time their opponent is City, but if they can muster the force similar to their last game, winning is not definitely not just a dream.



What is Leicester city’s motivation?

This time’s match has one of the premier league veterans as well as being able to play the last season victor card.

But what is worrying is Leicester city’s motivation.

For Leicester city who wont their last game which allowed them to remain in the premier league, the remaining matches are all ones that will allow them to proceed to the next season.

Their opponents City are still aiming for a top 4 finish and won’t let themselves be discouraged.

The difference in attitude with these two teams is very clear, and there’s no doubt that it will probably have an outcome on the quality of plays and the victor of this match.

There’s no doubt that if Leicester, who have high ratings on their defense and set-up plays lose here, they will be seen as the inferior team for here-on.

Keeping motivation isn’t a hard task, but I would hope that the veterans believe that this match has a connection to the next term and tenaciously face their opponents head on.



Match developments

If city get get positioning they can play well with passing.

To counter that Leicester city need to have a good defense and make sure they are compact and in form during the entirety of the match whilst protecting the line.

Especially during a side change their defenders slide tackling is very important and needs to be quick and skillful.

Also to help combat both Sterling’s and Sannella’s vertical break-through, they need to ensure that the spaces on both sides of the pitch are always buried and in control otherwise they wont take a victory.

As well as that, they need to make sure not to give Silvia any freedom.

His deadlocks during important parts of the games, and his passes through to the back, he is ruling City’s formation.

They need to make sure to crush this, if they don’t they will have multiple areas where they fall and make mistakes such as crossing or making unneeded mistakes.

In terms of where they should attack, it should be all-out to the sides.

If Mahrez and Vardy can pull out some of the plays and cut-ins from the side like they did last match, the chances and opportunities for a goal should increase.

If they can connect the chances they get from counters to scoring a point, there is a definite chance that they could steal this match.

For the home team city, they are in a position where they need to lower the unneeded build up.

They can’t afford to give Leicester City, who focus on counters, a gap to get through.

They need to make sure to take control of the ball in the middle of the pitch and need to try and focus on minimizing the amount that they lose the ball.

For attacks, they need to focus on running through the sides into the back.

If both wings movement when they are off the ball is correct, and they can get to a space in the back it’s possible for them to break the opposing teams defense.

To do this It’s essential to attract the enemy players, and the ones responsible for doing this are Silvia and Bruyne.

If the enemies seem to be giving high pressure, then they need to quickly move to the sides. If you think about it, if they take care with the movement in the wings, with proactive dribbling from the center, these two players can ad-hoc what they do.

City who have strength.

If they can break the core defense of Leicester City then there’s no doubt they have a chance of taking a victory with a lot of point difference.



Let’s predict the match using the odds

Alright, the highly anticipated game.

The premier leagues 36th match. Let’s confirm the odds between City VS Leicester City.

Betting site William Hill

Betting site bet365

As expected, City, playing at home has a huge advantage.

The odds difference is almost 10 times, and it’s quite clear there’s no thought of Leicester City winning.

This will definitely have an impact on the teams motivation.

With regards to Leicester City who have 3 games remaining and have finished their goal, City won’t cave in.

They wont even forgive a draw, they will definitely take the 3 points for winning the game.

With the premier league matches slowly coming to an end, I’ve become attached to matches going either way.

With more than 80% certainty, City will take this match’s win.




The premier leagues 36th match.

City who are still fighting for 4th place, take on last seasons winners Leicester city.

We also have things like Arsenal getting back into form, the wall to cross for getting into the champions league is getting higher and higher, who will get into it, well the outcome is still unclear.

The hugely anticipated game is a 5/13 kick off.

Until the final games, you can’t miss the premier league.

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