The final big match Can Arsenal achieve their dream of entering into the champions league?

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The premier league is finally coming to an end.

Is the league where we finally saw a break after Chelsea took a win, but the fight to enter the Champions league continues until the very end.

City, Liverpool and Arsenal.

Some of the biggest clubs of the current era have come together, and are fighting between each other for the final 2 spots to get into the champions league.

Within all of this, this match will have a huge effect and is not one to be missed.

Arsenal Vs Everton.

A direct battle between rank 5 and rank 7, a match we’ve all been waiting for.

Arsenal who want a win to be able to have a chance to get into the champions league.

Their opponents Everton, who don’t want to lose this match for their pride.

Let us look at the odds and try to predict this hugely anticipated and important match.



Both team’s conditions

Arsenal won their last game against Sunderland 2-0 and have somehow made their way into their final match.

But if we’re talking about their perfect circumstances, they would’ve wanted to take a few more points.

If they can win this game, and they get the perfect results from the other games that are going on as well between other teams, chances of them breaking through into the top ranks are highly possible.

With chances of even being able to flip the tables based on their losing points, they are going to want to try and gain as many points in this match as they can.

Since they are below both City and Liverpool, they are going to want to end this match taking at least 2 points for a breakthrough to be possible.

Their opponents Everton also took a win last game against Watford 1-0.

Barkley’s superb shooting from the centre was the winning play for that match.

I wonder if this year, Everton who are usually having all of their strongest players stolen by other teams, can keep their strongest players to themselves?

With their starting player as Barkley, we can’t say that there isn’t any chance that Mirallas and Lukaku could also possibly leave the club.

Wether they can fight against the big clubs definitely holds a huge effect on if the players stay behind.

The last match is in enemy territory, I would like for them to show us a match where they will be able to get to the next season.



Wenger resigning next season? Will this be his last match?

Arsenal who have continued to drop ranks since the middle of the season.

The main cause being that they don’t have the strength to be able to take enough points.

Even though Sanchez showed an amazing performance throughout the season, other players were just lackluster.

Especially during the middle of the season Ozil’s bad form and inability to connect to the ball properly, as well not being able to properly take on lower ranked teams has lead to their current position in the league.

To try and change this and improve the teams skill, Wenger has tried many different tactics but it seems like it just hasn’t gone well.

Right now they seem to be somehow overcoming matches using Zirout’s strength as their starting point, but he isn’t the type of player who is able to keep that up.

There are rumors that they are going to be letting the champions league slip through the fingers, but I wonder what will occur in the final match of this season?

I would love for Everton, who could be playing their last match of the premier league, to show us an amazing performance.

If he can show the fans the same skill as he has up until now, surely they will be satisfied with him.



Match developments

To say it bluntly, Arsenal are a bad match for Everton.

To play the passing game and have rhythm is how Wenger plays his football, and I feel as though Koeman’s tactics to fling themselves at the enemy is just going to play into the enemy’s hands.

Especially Arsenal who lose the ball a lot in the centre field.

If they can achieve that, and get the ball to Lukaku and Mirallas then the ball won’t be passed around many different players.

They struggled even against the lowest ranked team Sunderland in their last match.

They need to stay compact at the goal line, and not give the enemy any chances.

Furthermore, another important point is that both centre-backs need to keep a good distance.

A triangle formation created by the centre-backs and defensive midfielder is key for Lukaku to be able to weave his way into enemy territory.

But where they will let the enemy have a little freedom will definitely be in the long balls etc, where they have an inferior position In driving the ball.

This match is hugely important for taking points, but it also just as important to make sure the defense is well set-up.

As for attacking, If Ozil and Sanchez can control the pall and their passing, it will definitely lead to them scoring some points.

If they can grasp and create their chances, they will gradually corner their enemy.

It’s Arsenal who last game had a few problems taking any points, but can they take this game against a more skilled opponent?

I would love for them to show us a match with the energy they showed in their match against Manchester United.



Let’s try to predict the match using the odds

Here we are at the highly anticipated game.

Let’s try to predict the Arsenal Vs Everton game using the betting sites odds.

Betting site William Hill

Betting site BET365

As I thought pass football’s worst nightmare is counter football, but it seems as though the team that is most likely to win today’s match is Arsenal.

That is being shown clearly in these odds.

Within Everton’s players, will their winning point be Lukaku with his overflowing adrenaline?

We can predict that all of the other players are definitely going to be a little scared of Arsenal and their energy.

However, this is a match where Arsenal want to take as many points as they can. Will this in the end become their downfall?

For the fight between the veteran clubs, the entrance to the match is the key.

Especially for Arsenal who we can predict will be doing at least 15 minutes of pre-game warm-up before the start of the match.




The premier league is coming to it’s end.

Chelsea who spearheaded the competition have shown us their strength, but there is no doubt that it was a free-for-all fight.

It feels as though it will be an amazing spectacle next term as well, but for now the ending of this season.

3 clubs aiming for the champions league, the fighting is going on until the very end.

Which club will be the ones to grasp the win during the end of these matches?

The unmissable end of the premier league.

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