The final conclusion in enemy territory, if Manchester City can get at least a draw their position in 4th is confirmed!

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The premier leagues 2016-17 season is finally coming to an end.

Continuously spearheading the competition is Chelsea, who 1 year after their inauguration have dominated the league splendidly. I wonder if we’ve finally come to the end of a chapter?

But the battles are not yet over.

The fierce battle for the top 4 is still continuing between the remaining 3 clubs.

Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal.

The teams who represent the premier league itself are coming together in a win or lose battle to decide the final fate of the season.

During todays article I will be talking about one of those win or lose games.

Watford Vs Manchester City.

As long as Manchester City don’t take a huge loss, they will be confirmed to be in 4th place by the end of the league, but there’s no telling what may happen during this match.

If you are a football fan this is a match you cannot afford to miss.



Both team’s conditions

Last time City won against West Brom.

Their performance during the match was superb, they gave the best performance in all of their games up until now.

Especially De Bruyne who was born in Belgium.

As soon as Manchester City, who were rumored to be relying on Silva, added him to the team their patterns of taking points increased.

His highlights including being able to get through the enemy defense as well as his passing ability etc.

We will definitely be able to look forward to what he will show in next season as well.

Their opponents Watford put up a good fight in their previous game against Chelsea ending 4-3.

Their opponent had a huge turnover, but even so it can be said that this was a great final score.

Right now their point difference is over 40, but even so their front line players put up a grueling fight with some amazing pressure.

If they continue this against their next opponents Manchester City, I can definitely see them winning.

Confirming the requirements for Manchester City to get through by looking at the 2 other clubs



3 clubs who are continuing their fierce battle.

Currently leading with 75 points is Manchester city, however Liverpool and Arsenal are following close behind at 73 and 72 points respectively.

What City need in their next match is anything at a draw or above. For now with that it means that they won’t have to worry about Arsenal over-taking them anytime soon.

However, if we’re talking about a perfect situation, they would want to enter the top 3 and avoid the play offs for the champions league.

For example, if City were to draw, and Liverpool were able to win, due to it being the premier league the point difference has a large effect in the ranking.

city lose 36 points. Liverpool lose 33 points.

On the other hand, if Liverpool end their match taking over 4 points, the ranking on the board will flip.

However, depending on how you look at it there’s also the possibility that the loss point difference can also have a good effect for City.

If they lost this match, Arsenal still have a good 5 points before they can overtake city.

As long as they don’t lose with a huge margin, a breakthrough is highly possible don’t you think? (The last opponent Arsenal will be facing is Everton)

The ones who can take more than 3 points in enemy territory, is the battle of the supreme veterans.



Match developments

City who took the win against West Brom in the last match.

Especially their combination in the mid field, and being able to splendidly break through their opponents defence.

However, their opponent during this match are Watford who attack almost like bullets.

Their brawny forward Okaka, will definitely play an extreme match and be throwing his weight around.

City who before was mainly centered around air and side attacks, if they can break through and take the win in this match will create a very difficult situation for their opponents below them on the ladder.

Palace’s Zaha, as well as Middlesborough’s Negredo have also had some really close matches.

Their company started to show some signs of the defense being a little more stable, but as expected there is still some unease remaining.

First of all in this match, making sure the defense of both the side and centre-field will be a shortcut to gaining the upper-hand.

As for attacks, De Bruyne and Silva need to break through and then leave the rest to G Jeans after getting the ball to him.

As well as that, if Sane and Sterling can use their fast pace to break through the enemy defense on the side-line, scoring some goals should become very easy.

If they can ride this wave, taking a lot of points away from this game is entirely possible.

However, if they end this game without scoring anything, there is no doubt that a lingering air will remain for quite a while.

Since it’s their final game there’s no doubt that they will be a little nervous, there’s definitely chances for the games to have some struggles.



Let’s predict the game whilst confirming the odds

Here we are, the final game of the premier league.

Let’s take a look at what the betting sites have given in terms of odds for this highly anticipated game.

Betting site william hill

Betting site BET365

Even though it’s Watford playing at home, it seems as though City has the advantage in odds.

The difference in odds are over 10 times, I guess the difference in strength between the two teams is clear?

However in the final matches sometimes there can be demons lurking. Whatever happens, nothing is surprising.

It’s Watford who have in the past lost 5 games, but due to their opponents nervousness, winning is not out of the question.

I would love for them to show us an amazing game.




The premier leagues final match.

The battle for who will appear in the champions league is finally coming to a close between City, Liverpool and Arsenal.

Based on the results of the upcoming game, which club will It be?

This match will decide everything once and for all.

This match you can’t miss will have a kick off of 11am (JST).

We can’t take our eyes off of the premier league until the very end.

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