The deadlock for the championship continues until the last match Real Madrid’s greatest wish of winning the championship

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The Spanish league is finally coming to its end.

The championship this year has been a deadlock all the way to the final matches, it has become a huge season free for all.

Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Both are huge clubs that represent the European league as well, but who will be the one to win the title of champion?

Right now for Real Madrid to win it all they need is a draw or above.

However, standing in their way with some great form even though slightly lower on the leaderboard is Malaga.

In the end will Real Madrid be able to take their first championship is over 5 years?

Let’s take a look at the odds and try to predict the outcome of the game.



Both team’s conditions

Real Madrid won their last game with a huge 4-1 victory.

Both teams showed overwhelming pressure and strength.

Being in especially good form was the team’s ace Ronaldo.

He scored a splendid goal with his superbly strong left leg.

Up until now he has had about a 10 goal difference between him and Messi and is ranked 3 for scoring, but when it comes to the important matches he always come through with some very important scoring.

As for some of the other players on the team, Kroos and Isco in the mid-field have been very lively.

They showed us some amazing plays in both attack and defense.

It seems in the final match that all the players will be able to be in top form.

Their opponents Malaga had a draw of 2-2 in against Real Sociedad who are currently competing in the European league.

In their recent performances they have taken 4 wins and 1 loss, if they can keep up their pace there’s no doubt they have the chance to be able to take the final match as well.

If their starts align and they take a win against Real Madrid there’s no doubt that the good form will continue onto next season.

I would like them to show us a good game without yielding to the enemy.



What Real Madrid needs to win the championship?

With their recent victory Real Madrid have a 3 point difference between Barcelona.

For example, if they lost this match, even though Barcelona would get closer they still wouldn’t be able to overtake Real Madrid.

However, the problem lies within the Spanish league specifically.

If the group ranking system continues onto the final match, based on the relevant teams victories or defeats, the difference can be decided.

Up until now in the season, they have had 2 matches with Barcelona resulting in 1 draw and 1 loss.

Meaning if it comes to the group ranking system being put into place, the championship will go to Barcelona.

Meaning that in their next match Real Madrid need a draw or more as a minimum to be able to win the championship.

To not lose to their old enemy, they must understand that this is also a match they cannot afford to lose.



Match Developments

This final match is a do-or-die situation.

There is quite a lot of time between when they play this match and fight Juventus In the champions league so surely they will be bring out their best players.

In great from is Isco, with Asensio and Morata close behind on B team also holding some tremendous power, but in the end who will be Real Madrid’s starting players?

This season Zidan has been trying out a lot of new tactics so we need to make sure to take a look at the formation at the start of the game.

We can predict an all out war in this match which they can’t afford to let slip between their hands.

Although there is quite a different in ranking between them and Malaga, they are not an opponent to underestimate.

Also paying close attention to the opponents ace Sandro and Ramirez.

They have taken victories in many of their games, but somewhere we can be interesting in is the fact that they don’t have many clean sheets.

If Casemiro and Kloos can properly defend the centre field from being pierced, then as a starting point they can rest at ease with regards to defence?

Real Madrid can win the championship just be getting a draw so surely they will concentrate heavily on defense.

If they can keep the control from the start of the game, and maybe take the first point early on, their first championship in over 5 years will be within their grasp.

If they continue their hard work on the pitch until that final whistle blows, the path to their championship should open.



Let’s predict the game whilst confirming the odds

Here we are, at the highly anticipated match.

Let’s try to the predict the game where Malaga are at home taking on Real Madrid using the odds from the betting sites.

Betting site William Hill

Betting site BET365

This time it’s Malaga at home, but even so it seems as though Real Madrid have the heavy advantage.

The difference in odds is about 10 times. Even for a draw it is around 7 times, the difference in strength is being shown clearly.

Looking at the past matches with 3 wins and 2 draws with Malaga not taking a single win, the victors of the match will without a doubt be Real Madrid, or maybe something magical will happen within the game.

Since 1928 when the league was formed, there has only been 5 times where the tabes where flipped in the last moments, we can’t let our eyes stray this year as well.

We can predict that even about the usual difference in strength, this will be a very tense game.




Finally, the 2017 Spanish League is coming to an end.

I predict it’s going to be an amazing end where both Real Madrid and Barcelona can both take the championship.

If Real Madrid can just take a draw or above in this final game their place as champions is settled, but will they be able to pull it off?

Or maybe Barcelona can pull of a miracle and swipe the championship for themselves?

The final of the 2017 Spanish League season is a 5/21 (5/22 Japan) kick off.

If you’re a fan of overseas football this is one fierce battle you cannot afford to miss.

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