Can Barcelona carry out their wishes of coming from the rear and winning? Their final game is with Inui and Eibar



The final matches of the Spanish league.

Barcelona who were once rumored to have lost their touch after falling in the league rankings for a period of time have regained their pride with their win against Real Madrid.

With their win against Real Madrid they were able to keep their 3 point lead and just barely make it into the final stages of the league.

There is currently information going around that if they can win this game, and then furthermore beat their next opponents Malaga as well, they will have won the championship, but it is still much too early to decide.

For that reason, this is a match they can’t afford to lose.

Standing in their way is Eibar and Inui.

At the current point in time they aren’t able to take themselves further up the rankings, but surely they will want to win this game to help with their motivation and pride for next season.

The unmissable match that will decide the championships is a 5/20 kick off.

Let’s take the odds and try to predict this highly anticipated game.



Both team’s conditions

Barcelona have been able to keep up their pace after winning against Real Madrid with consecutive wins.

Their last match also ended with a 4-1 victory, they are watching vigilantly from an opportunity to turn the tables around on the board.

Adding in Messi, both Suarez and Neymar are in great form.

To be able to stop this deadly trio, would more than likely be a difficult task even for one of the most veteran clubs?

To be able to take their victory from behind, they need to take at least 3 points in this match as a minimum and it seems as though their preparations are already complete.

Their opponents, currently on a losing streak, Eibar.

Their position won’t change, but I’m hoping they’re going to give it their all in this final match against Barcelona.

Also, a giving favorable results to the team is Japan’s Inui.

With his splendid dribbling and elastic traps, even Spanish writers are praising him, right now he has grown into a vital asset for Eibar as a team.

I predict this will become a game you cannot miss if you’re Japanese.

La Liga’s history there has only been 6 times where a victory has been taken in the last match

A league formed in 1928, that boasts its long history, the Spanish league.

With that entire time-span there has only been 6 occasions where a team has taken victory at the last possible moment.

As expected the team protecting their lead also have an advantage in a psychological sense as well.

However, 5 out of those 6 times was Real Madrid who lost in the last moments.

As well as that, 3 of of those 6 times it was Barcelona who took the wins in the last moments.

There’s no way for me to say that something amazing might not happen during this season as well.

However with all said, if they don’t take at least 3 points in this game there is no chance of winning the championship, but let’s believe in a miracle and hope they fight it out on the pitch.



Match Developments

A composition of the great standing Barcelona VS the not so greatly standing Eibar.

As well as this, since this match is being played at camp noe, we can presume it might become a very one-sided match.

Especially the deadly trio’s remarkable attacking force, for the away team it will be almost impossible to create an opening.

As soon as the first point is taken we could say that the match has been decided there and then.

For Eibar, I don’t think they have any other choice but to create an amazing defense and try to take a few chances if at all possible.

However saying that, this is a club that have had 6 games taken from then and are currently worrying about a serious lack of points, there is no doubt that this also will be quite tough for them.

They are not a club that is thought to have much appeal in set-up’s as well, I feel as though this game will be quite difficult for them as well.

However, if we want to try and give them a chance of winning, we can say it would be by crushing Barcelona’s center field.

Busquets showed some improvements during the match against Real Madrid, but Eniesta had a lot of times where he lost the ball and also made mistakes.

If they think about this and try to thoroughly stop Barcelona’s attacks well and not let them play the game they want to, then there is a small chance of victory.

Surely if they can create a plan and take on their opponents Barcelona well it will be a plus for them next season.

Their opponents Barcelona, whatever you might say are probably going to take the first point quite quickly.

But what it important to all that, is probably that the centre-field defense makes a contribution?

Due to this match being the final match where they have a chance at taking the championship, there’s no doubt that they will be a little nervous which could cause their movements to become sloppy and slow.

There is no doubt that not only Busquets giving the team a little of breathing room in the centre is important, but also that not just him, but Rakitic and Eniesta also make sure they are conscious of the centre defense as well.

There’s no doubt that their only hole within the deadly trio will be when they are returning and the centre field players need to cover for them.

Whether Barcelona utilize this power from now on, will surely become a key to next season as well.

Their tactic of using overwhelming attack power, will surely become a problem during the future.



Let’s try to predict the match whilst confirming the odds

Well here we are, the unmissable match that will decide the champions.

Let’s take a look at the odds of the Barcelona Vs Eibar match and see if we can predict the outcome.

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It feels as though the fact that Barcelona would have the advantage is a give, but odds like these are not seen very often. Don’t you agree?

They are between 34 and 41 times in difference.

Even if we’re talking about a draw, there is a difference of over 15 times.

In reality there shouldn’t be that much of a difference between these 2 clubs, but it seems as though Eibar’s bad form lately has affected the odds greatly.

As long as there are no strange occurrences, the win will without a doubt go to Barcelona.

I would like to expect some great plays from Inui, but the chances of this game being one sided are just too high.




We’re finally coming to the close of this years Spanish league.

Without yielding, the 2 clubs that have made it here Barcelona and Real Madrid are fighting for the champion position.

Who will be the victor for this season?

A match that football fans around the world can’t afford to miss, 5/20 kick off.

Let us watch attentively and see the outcome.

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