The EUFA Europa League Finals Can Manchester United take the victory?

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On the 25th the final match of the EUFA Europa league starts, AFC Ajax VS Manchester United.

Up until the finals both teams have played at both away and home, but the final will be decided on a separate pitch in 1 round.

This kind of format is also used in the UEFA Champions league.

The stadium that was chosen this time for the finals was hte “Friends Arena” in Stockholm, Sweden.

Usually the stadium that is used in the Swedish teams “AIK Soruna”’s pitch, but since Manchester United’s Ibrahimavich holds a Swedish nationality he would have been looking forward to it.

Not just this but fighting with his previous team AFC Ajax, surely this will become a very deep and emotional match.

However, in the 2nd leg quarterfinal in their match against Anderlecht, Ibrahimavich took an injury to his right knee and was taken out of the matches for quite a long time.

Even if you’re not a fan it is a huge shame that we won’t be able to see Ibrahimovich playing in the finals.

In his place, let us expect some great things from Daley Blind and his movements.

Right then, the Europa League finals AFC Ajax VS Manchester United, let’s take a look at the odds and see if we can predict the outcome.

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It seems as though both sites are leaning towards Manchester United winning the match.

If you think about both teams difference in power, this is a given.

Furthermore, Manchester United’s coach Morinio has been able to keep a guaranteed place In the top 4 throughout the Europa league with his rotation of players.

The teams ace Ibrahimovich being out on this match was a mistake, but it definitely wasn’t their only card to play for winning the Europa league.

But, we don’t know what will happen in this 1 match that will decide the champions.

Their opponents AFC Ajax in the quarterfinal with 1 player being sent off had a high chance of loss but flipped the tables and took the win.

It is being called a miracle win by the same of “The miracle of Gelsenkirchen”, it is a definite probability that they won’t become an opponent to underestimate for Manchester United.

To take the title of champion in the Europa league as well as being able to appear in the Champions League next season, this will be definitely be a match that is a fight to the death.

The match that the entire world is waiting to watch is a 3:45 kick off on the 25th. Let us look forward to it!

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