Juventus Won the First Leg, Can Monaco Get Revenge in Their Opponent’s Home Ground?

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The 2017 Champions League will decide the strongest club in Europe.

There has been so much drama in each year this game as well, and now the climax is soon to happen.

The semi-finals first leg is done, and after they finish this game, there will only be the final game to go.

Now on May 9th the kings of Italy, and the kings of Ligue 1 will fight.

Juventus will welcome Monaco in their home ground, let’s predict this exciting game with bookmaker’s odds and other stuff.



-Both Teams Condition

Juventus had a 1-1 draw game in the Torino derby due to Hart’s superb goalkeeping ability, which caused a lot of difficulty for them.

They managed to score with Higuain’s goal 47 minutes into the second half, but they ended up not keeping their consecutive winning record at home.

Still they have the record of not losing at home, but the result may have caused some concern before their battle with Monaco [However as mentioned above, Juventus did try a big turnover in the game. You can’t forget that there is big power in the team because Higuain, Pjanic, and Buffon started out as bench members].

On the other hand Monaco’s last game was against low ranked AS-Nancy, which saw Monaco winning 3-0 in their opponent’s home ground.

They won this game with turnovers from waiting to let key members like Mbappe move up late in the play.

To be able to get revenge from losing the first leg at home, Monaco needs to get at least 2 goals in the away game.

It’s predicted that it will be a very difficult game, but it is necessary to have an intense effort from their powerful forwards to make their revenge.



-First Game’s Development

The semi-final first leg was held in Monaco’s home ground.

In the early part of the game, it was obvious that Monaco was enjoying the home field advantage and was more aggressive on the attack.

Especially Mbappe’s ability to dribble quickly around his opponent’s which was even seen by Juventus, who have an amazing defense.

There were so many chances where they missed scoring in front of the goal, and they got to the point where they could almost score many times.

However GK Buffon was there to stop them.

They succeeded in recovering the flow of the game, by using Buffon’s big saves.

So then Juventus was able to get their morale up.

There was an amazing ideal goal when Alves did a super heel pass to set up Higuain’s goal.

After that while Juventus was in possession Monaco was aiming for counters, and this continued for a while.

From their mistakes Higuain stole a goal and the game finished 2-0.

In the first leg that saw Juventus succeed in getting 2 away goals at their opponent’s home ground.

Because of that it is certain that Juventus has the advantage now.

They can go to the second leg feeling good by continuing their non-home loss record in this tournament.

On the other hand Monaco is in a tough situation, but it’s not an impossible gap for them so let’s hope for revenge and they can play with their full power.



-Game Development

Juventus has a 2 point lead.

Even though it is a home ground game where they are proud to have not had a loss yet, are they going to try and get risk-free goals?

It is predicted that they will try to break Monaco’s strong points by high line, high press, and a high work rate.

Repeating this from the start of the match, but they will not go so deep in switching their offense and defense clearly.

They will probably try to stick to the plan which can see them end the first half with a score of 0-0, by making solid blocks with their defense.

Maybe it’s best that they are not so aggressive on defense, and they let their opponent’s come to the front line to create counter opportunities.

On the other hand Monaco wants to get points in the beginning of the game no matter what.

If they let their opponent’s defend well, and they finish the first half with a 0-0 score, their hope for them to win the second leg will be next to none.

They want to attack with variety such as Mbappe’s evasive dribbling, and Falcao’s post play that were both effective in the first leg.

However one difficulty is that they must pay a lot of attention to Juventus’ counter.

So even if they can get the first goal their opponent’s may score one goal, and then the points they would need would climb to 3 points.

In Juventus’ home which is proud of the iron wall, it will be very difficult to get 3 goals and win.

They have to be careful with defense as much as scoring, and if they do fragile build up play in the first half it will be fatal.

It’s probably their hope that they will focus on vertical quick attacks only, and get swift revenge in the opponent’s home ground.

If they could break their opponent’s weak point, the midfield, especially if they can put pressure on Pjanic, they can still see a chance of winning.



-Let’s Predict the Game with Odds

Now let’s predict this CL semi-final’s exciting second leg with odds.

William Hill


Of course Juventus who won the first leg has more advantages in the odds as well.

Against the Italian Kings who are proud of their iron wall, it may be too hard to get two away goals.

Also Juventus is known as being strong against League 1 teams, so even in two leg style play they have never lost.

So you can say Monaco is in a very bad spot.

It will be hard for them to go up to the finals, but let’s hope that they do their best.




The European CL semi-final second leg will see Juventus welcome Monaco to their home ground.

Can Juventus go up to the final with the same rhythm with which they won the first leg?

Or is Monaco going to get revenge in their opponent’s ground?

This game that you can’t miss will kick off on May 9th [Japanese time May 10th].

You can’t keep your eyes off the battle that will help decide Europe’s strongest team.

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