Setting the stage for the champions league Real Madrid Vs Juventus We’re finally at the summit of matches

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The time we have all been waiting for has finally arrived.

The final battle that will decide the European best. Champions league 2017.

The representative clubs from each nation have all come together once again this year, and the remaining 2 that have come this far are to take on this battle.

Real Madrid Vs Juventus FC.

Both teams have dominated the league, and both have made it to the finals that will set the scene for the champions league.

Will Real Madrid take their first ever successive championship and use their force to take that glory for themselves?

Or will Juventus show us the power of the Italians?

This highly anticipated game kicks off on the 3rd of June (Early morning 4th of June in Japan), let’s take a look at the odds and try to predict the match.



Both team’s victories up until now Defeating strong opponents one after another to make it to this point

Real Madrid who won the champions league last year have once again made it to the finals. Their wins showed us that they were the kings of football.

Their complete victory in the quarterfinal against Bayern, and then in the semifinal against Atlético Madrid forcing their enemy to surrender.

Defeating veteran teams one after the other, that power is what we would call the kings.

They were successful in controlling the league for the entire time.

With Zidane as their manager the Spanish football players have no other choice but to keep aiming for victory after victory.

Their opponents Juventus are also crushing the scene. Within that scene a special mention goes out to them defeating the famously strong veterans Barcelona.

The first thing they did was to carefully look into their enemies’ weak point which is high pressure, thanks to that they didn’t let their enemies make any plays.

It was a game with good form, where they took 2 points very quick and secured their victory from a very early stage.

Of course also showing their outstanding power and easy victories against their other opponents as well, within all the matches up until the final they have only lost a single time.

Real who haven’t lost a single time as the Italian veteran giants are aiming for perfection with the finals game.

They should be able to stand strong against their final enemies.



Champions league win-loss records are Real Madrid aware that it’s not going to be an easy match?

Both of these clubs are huge representatives of Europe.

Knowing this it’s also a given that they’ve shown their face in the champions league various times and have lots of experience.

Going back in time to 1962.
The first competition was a fierce fight that was deadlocked and had to be replayed, the ones who won in the end were Real Madrid.

After that Real Madrid have appeared in 19 champions league finals, and have won 8.

But after the year 2000 Juventus entered into the mix and showed us their strength. And with the latest memory of their strength being the semi finals of 2014?

Real Madrid have been showing us some overwhelming victories and have no chance of losing. It has become a game where until the final whistle they are showing us an iron wall defense that has no cracks.

All of the other important games that Juventus have won have been after the year 2000 and are currently 5 wins, 3 losses and a draw.

Can Real Madrid overcome this awareness that Juventus will be hard to deal with?

The most important part of the match should be the first 15 minutes. I’m hoping for them not to overthink things and play the usual soccer that they always do.



Match Developments

Juventus who are rumored to have the advantage in the 14th season.

The reason for that no doubt lies within their tactics.

From the beginning the reason Juventus became the strong veterans they are now is because of their formation changes.

After their loss of the cup against Milan they changed to a 4-2-3-1 style, which allowed them to have a sense of unity as a team.

Also the defense changes has 5 in the back as well as the 4-4-2 style which allows them to take the ball from their opponents deep in the back.

This style is very similar to Real Madrid’s arch enemies Atlético Madrid. If they can have some quick slide tackles and connect that into some counters, there’s no doubt that it will lead to Real Madrid’s formation crumbling.

Lately Isco has been making some good plays that have crumbled the opponents defenses showing us that he’s the king of the team, but we can only say that those 2 players alone are not enough.

To crush a systematic defense they need two of the most important things which is to get into the back lines quickly and also lure some of the opponent’s players diagonally. Unless Benzema and Ronaldo show us more effort than usual it feels as though a win could be a little far fetched?

Against Juventus one of the most important things is pass work but more-so than that is their stamina for long runs.
If they can make the best of Ronaldo’s physical ability and vertical running speed as well as his one two touches then that would most likely be the most effective way to win the match.

However, that’s only if they are aware of such things. Ronaldo and Isco should be completely marking the enemy players.

Especially Isco who should be betting on some strict plays. If they can make sure that he doesn’t roam free, preventing Real Madrid’s attacks should be an easy task.

Another thing is when they’re attacking, making sure to center themselves around defending and returning against Marcelo’s crossing attacks. Also important is the positioning of Chiellini and Bonucci.

As for attacking Mandžukić with his side post plays, to make these, the forwards and side backs, Dybala, Higuaín and Alexandro need to be assertive with where they place themselves and run to, if they do so it should be easy to crumble the enemy.

Defence, particularly the weakness in their sides would be most effective against Real Madrid.

Same as the Barcelona game, they need to focus on their enemies weak points completely, if they do so we can easily expect a victory.



Let’s try to predict the game whilst looking at the odds

Here we are at the highly anticipated game, let’s take a look at the odds and try to predict the match.

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As expected from 2 veteran clubs of the champions league.

The odds are almost the exact same.

Within almost every newspaper it is being said that Juventus have the advantage of winning, but will that be true for the actual Champions League history?

If we take all of the wins from the current season and look at it comprehensively we can see that both teams are 50 50 in strength. It wouldn’t be strange for either team to take the victory.

We can predict that there is a large possibility that the match could also go into overtime or even into a penalty shootout.




The match soccer fans from around the world have been waiting for. The European champions league finals.

There is no doubt that this will become a fierce and passionate game worthy of calling itself the final to the season.

Will the current king take the trophy one again? Or will the Italian veterans?

The kick off is the 3rd of June (Early morning 4th of June in Japan), don’t miss it!

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