Will Chelsea take their 2nd crown? Their fight against their longtime rivals Arsenal

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Chelsea who have an astounding history of dominating the premier league.

With the brilliant feats as the new coach comes to his 1-year mark, the fans are rejoicing.

On the opposite side, Arsenal who have lost their chance to appear in the champions league for the first time in 19 years.

With the legend that they will never be defeated finally at its breaking point, Coach Wenger’s movements are still as uncertain as always and they have come to the final match with those feelings in hand.

To make of for their loss in the league, there’s no doubt that they’ll want to take the FA cup.

If they can take the win with overwhelming power, then it might link into the next term for them.

The FA cup finals, Chelsea Vs Arsenal.

Let’s take a look at the odds and try to predict this highly anticipated game.



Both team’s recent conditions

After taking their fist win, Chelsea powered on without bending taking their next 2 wins as well.

With this 38th match their total wins this season totaling 30, they have taken the most wins out of any other team for this season.

Chelsea want to stay in the stop spot in the league, but the cause of their current good state has to be the system change.
(During the early stages whilst continuing their hard fights, there was 4 and 3 pack system changes)

This allowed them to be in amazing form, and they succeeded in showing us some tremendous strength.

Defeating the current Chelsea would be hard even for Real Madrid.

Chelsea will be aiming to take their second crown whilst maintaining this great form.

Their opponents, the team who finished 5th in the league, Arsenal.

Completely contrastive to Chelsea it has been a really difficult season for Arsenal.

They acquired a lot of points in the final stages, but weren’t able to take a single step forward in the rankings.

With this their absence in the champions league has been confirmed, meaning their strength in the next season will no doubt be lower.

With Wenger’s residency still being unclear. The team’s off the ball Henry, there is no doubt that his retirement will have an effect on this game.

Arsenal have faced a lot of hardships during this season, but we hope and are anticipating that they can show us a good game.



Arsenal’s players seem to be getting wounded one after the other, this is continuing further right before the all-important match

Arsenal who in the last match confirmed that they would be out of range in the rankings to get into the champions league.

We can definitely predict that the players and the staff are a little down due to this, but even so it seems as though their bad luck is going to continue.

First of all in their last game Koscielny took a red card meaning he will be absent. As well as that their defender Barbosa has an injury and won’t be showing up either.

And with Giggs and Mustafi returning in not the best condition due to their injuries, the defenders seem a little insufficient for the last important match.

Can arsenal stop Chelsea with their brawny forward Costa in this state?

It has become a very difficult situation for Wenger, but if he can form a plan their chances of winning are not 0.

Arsenal seem to have been cornered, but it would be nice if the players could break through and overcome their situation to give it their best.



Match Developments

This season Chelsea are very strong in both attack and defense together.

With defense like Manchester United, and attacking prowess like Manchester city, if they can keep their balance they can dominate the match and safely take the win.

Especially in mid-field Kante and in wing-back Moses and Alonso.

These players with their amazing athleticism have been able to connect the bridge for attack and defense between the defenders and the forwards.

Kante which his fast cover is able to take on not only 4 but 5 different people by himself.

With their side attacks and wing backs also playing very well, they have become the ultimate iron wall.

Furthermore, with Moses and Alonso participating, they can use this to then start their very strong attacks.

Thanks to the hard work of these 3 players, Chelsea have become undefeatable with their unrivaled power in both attack and defense.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that there is no-one who can defeat Chelsea right now.

For Arsenal, it is essential that firstly they make sure that they can properly control the ball.

To beat Chelsea their most effective plan should be to not allow any freedom within the middle of the pitch.

If they want to target Giroud with some explosive long balls, I’m sure trying to erase their opponent’s strength in the mid-field will be a key point?

If they make sure not to give Chelsea any opportunities to take the ball back to the wing, and make some sharp long passes that properly connect into an attacking opportunity, then that should be a good start for the team without a doubt.

Of course they need to keep caution for their opponent’s counters. Chelsea will also be wanting to take control of the mid-field meaning there will be quite a lot of chasing going on increasing the risks of the plays.

If they can purposely let their opponents attack, and use decoys to lure out their opponents and keep the pace of the game at their own, the match should start to slant towards their favor.

I’m sure some clean passing is what Wenger is aiming for in this game, if they can do so then this game might be similar to the City game where they took the win thanks to their various tactics.

On the other side Chelsea, who most likely want to urge a lot of counters, but they need to make sure that they’re aware of the fact that their opponent may back away a little.

Without becoming numb they need to make sure not to let the enemy have their wishes.

Compared with Arsenal they are not losing in terms of injured players.

They need to make sure to be taking points with their set plays and also keeping their eyes open, they’re more than likely hoping to enter into the game with clear minds.



Let’s predict the match whilst looking at the odds

Here we are at another highly anticipated game. Let’s take a look at what odds the betting sites are giving to the teams of the FA Cup final.

Betting site William Hill

Betting site BET365

It seems as though Chelsea holds the advantage in the odds.

Leading with 93 points, and leading with their outstanding amount of wins during the premier league, is this not just showing off?

However, Arsenal have recovered in the final matches.

They are currently on 5-win streak and have defeated the likes of Manchester United and Everton splendidly.

Unfortunately, they just lost out on top 4 in the league rankings, but there’s no doubt that they’ll want to take the FA cup home for themselves.

Their opponents are the kings of last season, but if they can bring out their full potential a win is not impossible.

Chelsea also won’t falter in this game, and Wenger will definitely be formulating a plan to have the highest chances of winning this match.




Finally, the end of the season has arrived, the FA cup final kicks off on the 27th of may.

Can Chelsea who have been dominating the league take their second crown?

Or can Arsenal make up for their losses and take it for themselves?

This highly anticipated game, is something fans cannot afford to miss.

The final match of the season, there’s no doubt it will become a fierce battle.

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