The qualifier for the W European Cup Sweden Vs the Veterans France

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The stage that puts the pride of their respective countries on the line.

The Russian W Cup is finally approaching nest year.

During the last big finals Germany took the win, but which country will take the glory this year? There is surely a lot of fans waiting to see this dream stage.

But which countries have made it through to the preliminaries is already common knowledge.

A congregation of many different European veterans, with only a few places to the real battle, which clubs will take them for themselves?

On the 9th of May one of the main games within that battle. Sweden Vs. France.

It is a match of 2 veteran clubs that cannot be missed, let’s take a look at the odds and try to predict the match.



Both team’s conditions

When you hear about France the newest memory you have is as expected the EURO 2016 French Meet.

Advancing to the finals with the countries people expectations behind them, and then shocking the world in their crushing defeat in the finals.

It’s been 2 years since then. To try and eliminate the regret of losing that title, they must leave a result within the W Cup.

In their first match of the season they had an intense draw with Belarus but since then they’ve been in good form in most of their matches.

Within the 5 games they’ve played as a representative they’ve won 3, drawn 1 and lost 1.

With a special mention to the match they played the other day against Paraguay against who they won 5-0 with a crushing victory.

It seems as though they are in their best form for this finals match.

Their opponents Sweden haven’t ever really left any sort of impression up until now, but their true strength does exist.

In the last big league they unfortunately lost their spot due to a loss against Portugal, so more than anything they will be wanting to take one of those spots this year.

There is no doubt that due to their ace Ibrahimovich leaving the team their overall strength has weakened, but even so they have reached 2nd place out of all the teams currently.

If they can win today against France the points will bring them even closer to appearing in the W cup.

The fierce game at home will be a 9th of may kick off.



France have some young treasures Pogba and Griezmann

Coach Deschamps who is leading France, has some huge talent from the Europe.

Pogba, Griezmann, Mbappe, with these 3 faces coming together in one time, in the championship last time against Germany they weren’t able to take a draw.

Even Real Madrid’s main players such as Benzema is unfortunately having problems off the pitch meaning he can’t play in the match which is unfortunately, without him can we really say that they have the highest attack power out of all the European teams.

They are a team of younger players that are gaining a higher level of maturity, but they should still have a while to go.

If they can keep increasing the strength of their team further, there is no doubt that they will be able to dance out onto the W cup fields as the favorites.



Group A is a collection of strong veterans Holland and Bulgaria

There are 52 groups in the entire W cup European selection, but some of the strongest are all grouped together in group A.

There are many teams in the group starting with teams like France and Sweden, with the strong teams Holland and Bulgaria.

The current layout is France leading with 13 points, Sweden with 10 points and Holland with 7.

The runners up in the 2010 w cup with good results, Holland, even though they are outside the rankings to get into the w cup are showing their strength.

There are still battles left between these high ranking teams, and each and every nation cannot afford to let their guard down.

We can’t afford to let our eyes off of group A from now on.



Match developments

France have a treasury of good players.

They have great strength in both stamina and formation as well as adapting to the requirements of the current moment.

During their match against Paraguay Girout was using post plays as his starting point and alongside using Denbell’s fast speed to it’s best they were able to perform some splendid side attacks.

But this time is the real deal, not just a friendly but it can definitely be expected that they will enter this match with a serious attitude.

Especially to try and get that 1 point lead over Sweden, we can predict that during the first half they will be focusing on defense and position of the ball.

As for Sweden they are going to be wanting to focus on long counters as well as side attacks whilst simultaneously lowering their opponents defense.

If the mid-fielders can continue to work hard and put pressure onto the opposing teams surely it will carry over onto their feint attacks.

They especially need to try and make sure to shut down Pogba completely.

They need to make sure he never feels at ease during the game giving him time to think, this should become France’s quickest road to victory.

France who seem to have a weakness of having a very dull attack pattern during the EURO.

When Griezmann and the others are off the ball, they need to make sure they are watching their movement, this will become the core for pinning the movement of the mid-fielders, they should be able to extend the time where no points are scored.



Let’s try to predict the match whilst looking at the odds

Here we are at the highly anticipated game Sweden Vs. France, let’s confirm the odds of the betting sites and try to predict the outcome of the match.

Betting site William Hill

Betting site BET365

This is a match where Sweden are playing a home, but even so it seems as though France have the favor of winning.

It is true that both countries have quite the difference in power.

When talking about the line-up of players within the European clubs currently from the starting members to the bench, it can be said that France currently has the best in the world.

Not just that but they won 5-0 in a friendly against Paraguay.

If Sweden allow them to get the head-start at the beginning of the match, there’s no doubt that it has the chance to snowball out of control even if Sweden are at home.

To help prevent this Sweden need to put in quite a bit of Hard Work.

But maybe if they can struggle to the very end and try to keep up with the French players, they will be able to pull out a miracle and win the match.




The Russian W Cup, European clubs.

Once every 4 years the clubs come together for this match, it is an extraordinary battle where the feelings of all the different nations are entwined.

Within those battles is the highly anticipated game with Sweden at home Vs France.

Looking at the odds and recent performance it seems as though France has the advantage, but in the end just which country will be rejoicing in the win that their team has taken?

This is a match even Japanese soccer fans cannot afford to miss, kick off is the 9th of June (10th of June for Japan)

We can’t take our eyes off of this week where the representatives of each nation are playing against each other.

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