Opening of the confederation! The clash between the European kings Portugal and Mexico

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The FIFA confederations cup is finally underway.

It is something that is regularly recognized as large than the 18 year standing W cup, and this year as well with Portugal and Germany as the start alongside 8 other teams who resigned from the tournament are competing.

In last years event Spain in their host country of Brazil took the championship, but this year just who will take that honor?

All of this years continent representatives, from the start of the cup it is packed with interesting and highly anticipated matches.

Within those matches, one of the most anticipated has to be Portugal Vs Mexico.

Let’s take this game that’s being highly anticipated around the world and try to predict it whilst looking at the odds on the bookings sites.



Victories in the EURO from trading spots Overcoming the suffering and taking the glory into their hands

Portugal who got their dearest wish and took the championship in the EURO 2016.

But that was not an easy feat to perform.

They were the team that came last in the group leagues, and just narrowly made it into the finals within the T group.

And then even furthermore within that tournament their hard fights continued, if we don’t count their semifinal game against wales then every single game they played was a close fight throughout.

Without many people even thinking that they would advance to the finals, it was being said that France were to be the ones who would take the championship.

But even so Portugal never gave up hope.

Even though in the first half of the game Ronaldo had to retire from the game due to an injury, during the 90th minute of the game, the team that had suffered up until now and overcome their hardships were smiled upon by the goddess of victory and given a chance.

The priceless goal from Edel who entered into the match part-way through. The super goal which no-one expected, can it be called anything other than a miracle from the god of football himself?

Portugal were looking quite weak in the competition last year, but the confidence the win will have given to both the team and the citizens of Portugal must be a considerable amount.

Their next big title that they are aiming to acquire is the W cup.

If they can command the competition called the Premier W cup, then surely they will be one step closer to their aspirations.



Can Mexico clear their names of their previous history of defeats against both Greece and America?

The veterans Mexico who boast their overwhelming strength.

Up till now they have records of being rank 1 in the preliminaries within the W cup, is there anyone that can be a rival to North America?

But the fact that they suffered a terrible loss against both America and Greece will not be forgotten by the citizens, that much is true.

They had a terrible one-sided loss against Chili finishing at 0-7.

Even though there isn’t much difference in the strength of both teams, this score shook the entire world of football.

The shock from this game was an astounding amount. There isn’t much doubt that it will take them a little time to recover mentally from that game.

It’s been 1 year since that day. The veterans vow that they will never make the same mistakes again and clear their name against their opponents, the northern kings Portugal.



Match developments

Mexico are a team with a lot of smaller sized players, meaning they want to try and avoid high balls and focus more on their pass plays.

It feels as though this style of play is similar to the European team Spain.

But within this that style of play has been appearing and then disappearing, will they be able to take the ball from Hernández with his fluid movement or will it become quite the challenge?

Because of that it may be difficult for Portugal to mark anyone during the openings of the match.

Especially moving in-between both the opponents defenders, this should become something their opponent really doesn’t want to happen。
If Mexico, who are good at getting into the back lines can play off these through passes properly and well, this should be a quick-fire way for them to be able to take control of the game from the early stages.

If they can gain control of the game before their opponents can become used to their rhythm, then they should be able to have some superiority for the rest of the game.

Their opponents Portugal are in a position where they are going to want to be focusing on attacking all of Mexico’s weak points.

If Ronaldo can look forward and get some good passes off then it should be an easy thing for them.

If they can take the ball and work hard against Mexico’s fast and nimble players, then they can freely use high balls are their sure-fire method to victory.

Portugal are very highly regarded within the tournament, so if they can focus on both the high balls and the difference in physical regards, then they should be able to grasp the initiative.

I believe it will become quite the difficult game, but both teams need to be able to avoid getting the control of the game taken away from them.



Let’s look at the odds and try to predict the match

Here we are, the confederations cup group A. Portugal Vs Mexico, let’s take a look at the odds and see if we can predict the match.

Bookies: William Hill

Bookies: BET365

Veteran Vs Veteran, it seems as though Portugal has the slight favour in odds.

It is true that if we compare raw power, then Portugal does come out on top.

They have the world start Ronaldo, the same city that Kagawa came from Guerreiro, and Bernardo Silva who was just confirmed the other day to be transferring from Manchester City.

But the veterans who controlled the EURO are definitely in for a difficult match. We can’t forget that in group B there Is the Swiss in 2nd place who are content with their position.

Their opponents Mexico went 1-1 against America, and are continuing their no-loss streak.

Looking at the various different places, there is reasonable amount of chance that this game could become more than what the odds suggest.

The winning percentage stands at 60% for Portugal and 40% for Mexico, which is reasonable when thinking about it.




The Confederations cup is finally underway.

The first match on the 17th had Russia taking 3 points from beating New Zealand.

In the end will both Mexico and Portugal be able to show their zeal in their first match of the cup?

This highly anticipated game is a 6/19 kick off.

If you’re a fan of soccer, this is a match you cannot afford to miss.

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