Chili Vs Portugal The semifinals of the Confederation Cup are as exciting as ever

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The Confederation Cup 2017.

This year has been a great success as well, within that success from the group leagues are 4 countries which have come this far, Germany, Portugal, Mexico and Chili.

With all of these countries being veterans of the game, we can predict that all the matches to come from now are going to be ones we can’t afford to miss.

One of those highly anticipated games is Chili Vs Portugal.

With both countries holding big titles, both of them are hoping to walk away with the title from this league.

But in the end will Portugal lead by Christiano Ronaldo be able to show us the willpower of Europe?

Or will Chili show us their veteran experience and steadfast soccer to take the win?

Let’s take a look at the odds for this match that kicks of on the 28th of the 6th and see if we can predict the results.



All of the wins up until now Ronaldo’s highlights with his performance

Portugal are currently leading the group league in 1st place.

With their oldest enemy Mexico they finished their game with a match declared as a draw due to a injury, but in their previous game against New Zealand they had a huge win of 4-0, and it seems as though they are in good form.

Within that form is their ace Ronaldo who currently seems to have the effort of a thousand men. Taking points both in the match against Russia as well as the match against New Zealand and showing up some beautiful assistance during the match against Mexico.

Furthermore, as usual showing us his prowess with his high ball plays and on countless occasions creating some dangerous situations for the enemy team with his headings.

Currently outside of the game he is being suspected of dodging paying taxes, but that doesn’t seem to be affecting his plays on the field.

Continuing their aim of taking big titles just like in the champions league, they should be enthusiastic even about the semifinals.

As for their opponents Chili, they are completely contrastive and have been continuing their hard battles one after another.

During their first match against Cameroon they finally got a goal in for a close game at the 80-minute mark, but their matches against both Germany and Australia ended in a tie.

Especially with their latest game against Australia they weren’t able to show us that they were out of this storm of bad form, and it’s no lie that they are currently on the verge of being eliminated from the game.

We can say that the cause is more than likely their inability to score points.

Sanchez has been showing us some amazing movements on the front line recently, but the current situation is that the finish is lacking.

Russia have a huge difference to South America with their movement and such, but they definitely have some strict standards when it comes to conditioning, if they can’t show us all some vigor Portugal’s path to victory will never open.



Match developments

Portugal’s style is a 4-4-2 formation whilst concentrating on attacking from the side using crossing as their main weapon.

Also trying to get the ball to their front line Ronaldo for some post-plays as well as Nani who has the ability to break through the enemy with his amazing power, there are many different ways they can connect to a goal.

Especially now with Ronaldo being in great form, he can get to the back of the enemy’s players, and with his off-the-ball movement can show his face around the opposing teams defenders, not a single defender up until now has been able to catch him.

It feels as though the time where he is not touching the ball is slowly disappearing but, if he can keep repeating getting behind the defenders when he is not being watched, then we can safely say that his tactics as a striker are first grade.

It seems as though he is showing us the same great form and skill that he displayed in the Season Real Madrid.

Furthermore, Portugal have a lot of younger players who we’re expecting big things from, and their swapping of essential members is something we’re becoming more and more interested in.

We’re currently worrying about Silvia who took a pretty bad injury during their game against New Zealand, But Bernardo Silver who went to Portugal from City is just another of the many players we’re looking forward to watching.

Could we possibly say that Portugal’s current strength is due to their hand-in-hand game-play together with both young and veteran players?

If they can finish up this Confederation cup with a win, there’s nothing left for us to doubt when it comes to their true strength.

Their opponents Chili are in a position where they want to try and focus on making quick attacks.

If their ace Sanchez can get behind Portugal’s defenders and focus on being near the sides of the pitch, surely that will connect to a goal?

Also, just how well can Vidal take control of the 2nd ball?

Chili have quite the established reputation when it comes to the fight for the ball, so we can assume that they wont lose here.

Especially with them always using their bodies fiercely, we can definitely say that their physical power as the center was their winning key in their game against South America.

We can also expect that they might use their opponent’s heights to it’s full potential and aim for a game with a lot of crossing and long counters.

Since Portugal actually have quite a lot of tall players, they need to be making sure to control the height of their balls and focusing on their high press to ensure that they are thoroughly on top of the game.



Let’s take a look at the odds and try to predict the outcome of the game

Here we are at this highly anticipated game. The confederation cup semifinals Portugal Vs Chili, let’s take a look at the odds and see what the bookies have to say.

Bookies William Hill

Bookies BET365

It seems as though Portugal have the slight advantage in odds.

It seems that Chili’s struggles during the group stages have had an effect, we can probably say that this outcome is actually a given?

However, it is no lie that Portugal have a little unease in their defense.

Even in their game against Mexico, we could see some gaps in their defense near the end of the match.

Will they be able to corner the European Kings with their tenacious plays?

Within the South American preliminaries Chili showed us that they had the tenaciousness to take down a formidable enemy, and there’s no doubt that they are aiming for a win against in this contest.




Here we are in the final stages of the 2017 Confederation Cup.

4 countries have come this far into the competition and are now taking part in the semifinal matches.

Just who will come out on top in the match against Portugal and Chili?

This game that is being anticipated around the world kicks off on the 28th of the 6th.

It is being broadcast even on BS1, so let’s all try and watch it in anticipation of the results!

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