All of the young players fighting, Germany take on Australia in the confederations first match, this isn’t one you can miss

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The Fifa Confederation Cup starts on the 17th.

On the first day the host country Russia took a win against New Zealand, I wonder if the local excitement has increased?

Portugal, Chili, Mexico etc. all of these huge teams from around the world gather once every 4 years for an absolute blood-bath of battles.

Especially this year where many of the teams have outstanding performance and strength, it is not a year where we can easily predict the champions.

Within these battles, there is one I would like to bring attention to in this article, the first battle of group B. The clash between the champions of the W Cup, Germany, and the Asian veterans, Australia.

Even if it is to ascertain where Japan stands as a country, this is a very important match.

In the end which team will take home the victory of the first match within group B?

Let’s take a look at the odds of this highly anticipated game and see if we can predict the outcome.



Germany has a lot of young players in the center of their team Will they be able to show their power within Russia?

Defeating Brazil in the W cup, the champions and veterans Germany.

It’s a given that they would want to aim for the win of the first game within the confederation cup, but including their supervision, their executive will be looking into next years’ final selection.

The members that they stated just before the competition where all very young, and it seems as though a lot of the more famous players have been given a rest.

There are players such as Draxler and Stegen who have a very promising future ahead of them, but that power just isn’t representative of A after all.

We might be able to say that more than victory the teams thinking is that they would like their younger players to grow and mature more.

Well, it is the truth that Germany are veterans, but it is also true that all of their players are in their young 20’s.

As they head towards Russia they need to make sure to organize themselves, otherwise they will be seeing the same painful sight that Spain showed us in the last competition.

Also, for the players this is a huge chance. If they can leave a huge impact at this event, there is no doubt that they may have a chance to be chosen from the usual roster.

If the young players can leave good results in their wake, then there’s no doubt that when they head towards other countries they can apply some pressure to the other teams.

If we focus on Germany’s consecutive wins in the W Cup, it would seem that coach Rabe is taking early precautions in his planning.



Australia’s crushing defeat in a friendly game against Brazil will they be any match for their opponents Germany?

Australia have been having hard fights consistently within the Asian preliminaries.

Their showdown against Saudi Arabia ended just barely with them winning 3-2, but even so their position stayed at 3rd.

Losing easy games against lower ranked opponents constantly, their entrance into the finals is currently on standby.

Also their previous game before the confederation cup, a crushing defeat of 0-4 against Brazil.

Can we say that their position as the strongest in the Asian league is starting to sway?

This time their opponents are Germany with a lot of younger players, but will they be able to take 3 points or not?

Heading towards their first big game in August, they surely want to try and end this game with the best results they possibly can.



Match Developments

Both teams are very centralized around playing pass work football, but Australia also have very nice high ball plays giving them the slight advantage.

If they can have Germany running around, surely they will be able to use some long counters to their advantage.

But Germany’s roster has a lot of younger players meaning that they might find it hard to predict what kind of tactics Germany will use?

With the members’ skill also being difficult to predict, Australia first need to ensure that they perfect their own game.
During the Asian preliminaries Australia were constantly not breaking down the enemy and allowing the ball to get close to their goal.

Even though Germany has a lot of younger players, if they can take the win against the previous champions surely that will become a weapon for them.

Their opponents Germany with Rabe as their coach leading them, which means we can predict that they are going to play some pass work football, but even so the truth is unknown and we can’t say for sure.

How well can these young players answer the expectations of their coach? The anticipation rises.

But even though they are young, there are still some players who have made names for themselves in the European leagues.
Within that one of the people who has definitely succeeded in doing so has to be the Midfielder Julian Draxler.

It’s unclear as to how this first game will play out, but his techniques in the European leagues were stellar. He has enough power to break any kind of deadlock single handedly.

He may be young at 23, but even so he rivals the standard team of Germany.

He is vigilantly waiting for a spot on the standard term, and if he can meet the expectations on the pitch, it wouldn’t be strange for him to stand shoulder to shoulder with the players on A.



Let’s take a look at the odds and try to predict the match

Here we are at another highly anticipated game. Germany Vs Australia, let’s take a look at the odds and try to predict the outcome of the match.

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Even though they might have some young players, it seems as though Germany has the advantage.

It would seem that the odds are more than 6x in Germany’s favor.

I wonder if Australia’s hard matches and crushing defeats up until now have had an effect?

Looking at both the Saudi and Brazil matches, their defense is all over the place.

They may be facing young opponents who don’t have any experiment with international games, but if they don’t take the initiative within this game they are going to face a huge loss of points.

But even so, Germany has some very young and inexperienced players so the game is all for the taking.

Especially if Australia can take the first point, the young players hearts may be swayed causing them to lose the game.




Confederation Cup Group B.

Australia Vs Germany.

Just 1 day ago, Chili took the win against Cameroon 2-0, but will both countries be able to continue?

If they can control the first game, then surely it will become a large weapon in the coming games.

This highly anticipated game is a 6/19 kick off.

This is a match you can’t afford to miss.

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