The young Germany challenge Mexico We can’t look away from the confederation cup!

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We are finally getting closer to the confederation semifinals on the 30th.

The fight between the 4 countries who came out on top after the group league to obtain the T cup.

Next up is the young Germany with a lot of younger players versus Mexico who have been showing us their strength recently.

The semifinals are shaping up to be one that holds 4 countries with much strength, and both teams in this match show real potential, but in the end who will be the victor?

It seems as though we can expect this match to be a hard one to predict, but that in itself is exciting.

The Confederation Cup semifinals, Germany Vs Mexico.

Let’s take a look at the odds for this highly anticipated match and see if we can predict the outcome.



Both team’s wins up until now Germany have been showing us their strength even with team B

Germany are challenging this tournament with their B team full of young players.

Although they already have some players from Europe that have made a name for themselves such as Draxler and Stegen, most of the players that the team consists of are of little experience.

However, they spearheaded the competition taking first place showing the entire world what they are capable of.

Their first game against Australia ended at 3-2. With their second game a tie against Chili 1-1 and then their final match against Cameroon with a big win of 3-1.

It’s a given that we cannot say their strength rivals that of A team, but there it no doubt that the manager must surely be proud of these results?

With Timo Werner looking like a rising star, surely we can expect big things from him in the next W cup.

Their opponents Mexico have been showing some fierce football and are a veteran group that currently stands in 2nd place.

Especially their short-plays and one plays where they are stealing points left and right, their mental fortitude is something that the Japanese team need to learn from.

Hernandez’s and the other FW’s movement should be a danger to even Germany.

The previous kings North America are looking like they’re in perfect form to take the championship once again.



Coach Low has taken over 100 wins in his career Breaking through the European league with utmost skill

In 2006 after their current coach Klinsmann resigned, the team was left to a new coach, Joachim Low.

After his win in this competition against Cameroon, it marked his 100th win since taking position as coach.

If we think back to when he took position as coach, in both the Euro and W cup, he has increased the team’s skill to a point where they are winning on a regular basis.

They had points and placed in their team that were weak, but in the 14 years that the W cup has been around they have had overwhelming victories, and they’ve definitely allowed the name “Germany” to be left in history due to their amazing feats.

His biggest plus, he doesn’t get fixated one a single style. He’s constantly improving and evolving the team’s skills and tactics to fit the current play style of the game.

The young members in the current team B are showing us that once again.

I’m looking forward to what kind of things he will show us in the W cup next year, and I don’t believe any other coaches will be able to come close to his skill.

For the time being if B team can succeed in taking this contest then that is a huge achievement.

Within the T finals and well we will be highly anticipating what kind of moves he will make.



Match developments

Low who is trying a 3-back style in this tournament.

Lowering their WB’s who would usually become defense to 5 people, and they can’t get an attack into the enemy.

This 3-back style which Chelsea has been seen using in the Premier league is a splendid tactic that has both high defense and offensive power.

To get in more places where they can attack, they need skillful short passes and well as cooperation which is bad in a team without much connection, but they have a simple yet effective point which is that they are really strong when it comes to cross attacks.

If there are 5 different people in the battle, taking them down is a next to impossible task even for Mexico.

Especially like they showed us in the match against Russia with an early cross that lead to a goal from a header, but it seems we wont be able to expect that this time around.

When their WB’s are increased, they can make some fast counters and try to break through into the side through shear numbers.

We can see some stiffness in Germany this time around, so they are going to want to try and get a hold of this match ASAP.

For Germany they are going to want to make sure they are constantly covering the enemy WB.

Especially with the players around the wings of the pitch need to focus on their positioning and make sure to be conscious of the risks of counters at all times.

Mexico have some amazing and fearful plays when they see an opening as well as some crazy movement when it comes to being off the ball, but if they can confuse the defense of their opponents their risk of making a mistake should increase.

Whilst keeping compact on the line, they need to look to get into the sides through shear numbers to create their advantage in this game.



Let’s take a look at the odds and see if we can predict the match

Well then here we are at the odds that the bookies have set for the semifinal 2nd match, Germany Vs Mexico.

Bookies William Hill

Bookies BET365 

It seems as though Germany is receiving the higher rating which is a little surprising?

It seems as though their 1st place in the group leagues has had a positive effect on the results.

However, Mexico drew against Portugal 2-2, but they showed us a complete turn around in their game against Russia.

Their rank in the group league is 2nd, but surely that’s not their true potential.

We can see that both teams have had some amazing wins up until now. And this game could go either way.




The confederation cup 2017.

The competition in Russia is finally at its semifinals.

The 2 remaining of the veteran teams that joined the competition, Germany and Mexico.

In the end who will be the ones to take the victory?

This game Is a 6/30 kick off.

This is a game football fans around the world can’t afford to miss.

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