The finals of the French open the villain Wawrinka challenges the ultimate champion Nadal

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One of the highest and most prestige stages in tennis. The grand-slam French open.

There are a lot of strong players gathered from all over the world coming together this year once again to fight a life or death battle.

During this year’s season which had quite the lack of any talk of young players or rising stars, only a single match remains.

Befitting of the final match within this competition are 2 very high ranking veteran players clashing together.

Nadal Vs Wawrinka

They are both players who if you are a tennis fan you will know doubt know, regulars of the GS.

Nadal who is possibly about to win his 10th time around at the French Open Vs Wawrinka who had total domination during his matches throughout the grand-slam.

In the end just which player will come out on top during this amazingly exciting match?

Let’s try to compare the odds and predict this highly anticipated match.



Nadal’s return Will Wawrinka be aiming for the top spot during this grand slam!

Nadal who has only had a single loss during this entire season, other than that constant overwhelming victories.

He was once called the king in red but lately due to his age he hasn’t been able to show his full potential and strength during his games.

However, after entering into the competition this year he has had an amazing recovery.

He is not letting the previous world champion Djocovic even come close to him in strength and has been celebrating victories in the last 4 big competitions.

Seeing his ultimate strength in his four back as well as footwork that doesn’t even compare to that of last year.

This star player ended the Australian competition as the runner-up and let us see that he has revived himself a little, he didn’t let down any of his fans expectations.

If he can end this competition as first, he will finally regain his spot at the top.

There is no doubt that his revival will be hyping up the world of tennis.

His opponent Wawrinka lost against his fellow countryman Federa in the Australian semi-finals eliminating him from the competition.

He would then go on to lose again to Federa in the Paribas match, but it was a hard-court match during the first half where he showed us his strength.

However, the Creil season is a complete turnaround. During the pre-finals it was a constant repeat of losing to lower-ranked opponents, and without ever facing a single top seed he someone made his way to the GS.

However, Wawrinka is known to be a very moody person, which could definitely mean that he could suddenly become absurdly strong in a very short time-span.

During 2015 when he dominated the entire French league was the exact same.

Even if he lost in Monte Carlo in the first few games, when the real games begin his eyes widen and his true strength starts to shine.

There are some media sites that have rumors that Wawrinka never truly shows his best performance until the GS.

The truth is never certain, but there is a big enough possibility that he could pull out some absurd and unexpected result against Nadal.

Even the Creil king will have trouble stopping such a monster, surely?



Both player’s wins Nadal’s sweeping victories and Wawrinka’s life or death struggles!

Nadal who had sweeping victories throughout the competition and has made his way to the top.

Even in his first match he completely controlled the game not letting a single set slip through his fingers and walked towards victory.

Even though he had a little trouble during the semifinals gripping the break point and having a rough game, even then it was like total domination.

After that he overwhelmed the 24-year-old young player, and it was a straight line towards victory.

However, just as Nadal talked to his uncle, the semi-final wasn’t his true form.

Especially during the first set where he seemed to be nervous and we could see some stiffness in his movement and body language?

It will be interesting to see if Nadal can stay calm under the pressure of all the expectations coming from his many fans and play a normal game with his normal ability.

His opponent Wawrinka had a 4-hour long life or death battle during his semifinals game.

He answered the expectations of people when it came to focusing on important points, serves and back hands, but what we’re worrying about after all, is his effort.

We would hope that he is properly resting his body so as to not be at anything but his best condition during the finals match.



There is no-one that can defeat Nadal other than Wawrinka! The one to hold the key is the service game

Nadal who is taking back his former glory.

With tenacious footwork, moving as he pleases along the court, whatever sharp play is made he can return it effectively without effort.

If he cant decide his down the line to the tee, then he wont be able to take a point, but adding on top of this is his weapon the bullet-like Ek-ball, which is a threat even to the Creil.

The only way to counter this right now would be power plays.

If you can get the strength and force into your strokes, then surely you can have an advantage over nadal.

Also the free serve points are important.
If it becomes a long rally then the person at advantage is Nadal, without worrying about the previous plays his stealing service ace becomes a huge weapon.

The people who gave Nadal a hard time during this season were the ones who put this into practice.

Wawrinka is also someone who holds these power play qualities and should be able to use them in this finals game.

His current win-loss stands at 3 wins and 15 losses, but is he the only one who can currently beat Nadal?

If he can make sure to put some power into his serves free points and strokes whilst ensuring it doesn’t become a rally, he should be able to easily grasp the leadership of the game.



Let’s take a look at the odds and see if we can predict the game

The match the entire world has been waiting for.

Let’s take a look at the odds for this match where Nadal takes on Wawrinka and see if we can predict the outcome.

Bookies William Hill 

Bookies BET365 

Even though it is the finals these are the odds.

It seems as though since entering the Creil Nadal has been showing us his revival which has lead to these odds.

However, Wawrinka is a player that can surprise you and suddenly come out on top with overwhelming power.

If he displays this power during this finals game, then there is no doubt that Nadal should have a difficult time taking an easy win.

If both players give it their all, there is no doubt that this will be a very interesting match.

Especially is Wawrinka is able to break Nadal’s service, there is no doubt that just like history this will become another “life or death” battle.




The French Open is finally coming to it’s last game.

This year the two warriors battling it out are Wawrinka and Nadal.

But in the end just who will become the victor of this exciting finals match?

Nadal holds the advantage of the bookies, but there is no doubt in my heart that Wawrinka has the ability to let out some amazing plays.

This match starts on the 12th from midnight.

This game which should be befitting of the Creil season is one no tennis fan can afford to miss watching.

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