The start of the American Open golf tournament Matsuyama is going to try and dominate his most sought after title

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The American open championship is finally underway.

This time around it is a festival where 2 major titles are up for grabs, but in the end just who will it be who wins this championship?

Last year it was Dustin Johnson who up until that point had only ever experienced being a runner-up twice but finally took his first championship.

There’s no doubt that this years 3 days will become a memorable one as well.

Let’s take a look at what the bookies have to say about this highly anticipated tournament where Japan’s Matsuyama is also competing.



Will the high-hitter Dustin Johnson take his second championship successively?

Right now within overseas golf there are a lot of muscular players, and it has become a world were being able to hit the ball over 300 yards is just a standard.

Within those players who boasts his ability to power the ball long distances is Dustin Johnson.

Being blessed in his height at 193cm, his shots have some amazing strength.

Within 15 years scoring an average of 317 yard shots, he took first place on average this year as well hitting an average distance of 312.1 yards.

Also his skill does not only lie within how far he can hit the ball.

He is also taking first place in a wide variety of other areas such as shot contribution and par on percentage.

Including his distance there is no doubt that we can say that all of these different things coming together could be said to be the world rank 1.

Will he be able to take successive championships and control the competition once again?

We’re looking forward to seeing what kind of plays he can make this time around with his good form.



The course is not yet known for this year Will the major first victories continue on?

The stage this year is Britain’s Wisconsin state Elin Hills.

It is a course that doesn’t hold much history after opening only recently in 2006, With Matsuyama included most of the players don’t have any sort of experience with this course and environment.

The length of the grass on the outside of the fairway is something that the players gave their honest opinion on, and it is an uneasy and unknown fact if the course will undergo maintenance just before the competition takes place, but surely the pros will be able to adapt to this course quickly.

Also here is where the 6 successive first win major is continuing.

Spain’s Sergio Garcia’s victory etc is still new in the records, but this season we can expect movement from the dark horse.

This is also a competition we can say that the world rank 4 Matsuyama has a decent chance of winning.

His dearest wish of his first victory is something the entire world is looking forward to seeing, our anticipation rises.



Matsuyama is currently going through hard times Also Ricky who in perfect form and is playing on the same course as him on day one

However, lately Matsuyama has been having some rough patches during his games.

Not being able to leave the kinds of results we would expect from him in his last few games, and in his latest tournament the memorial tournament he placed a very low 45th.

With what the American golf association published expecting him to take 11th place, he is not being given the respect he should have for being rank 4 in the world.

There is a huge wall standing between him and his dream of winning a major, but first of all he needs to end the first day with good form.

The first day is one of the most anticipated ones.

The person who has entered alongside Matsuyama is Ricky who is in perfect form.

Without concern to the fact that he entered into the pro ranks with a fanfare he was not able to leave any noticeable results, he is the most overestimating person in the entire world, however, last season he showed us his true power when he won his first championship.

Entering this season with perfect form also, the American golf association has placed him up there chasing Johnson and Jason for the 1st place rank.

Even though his ranking is under Matsumoto’s at 9th, firstly he needs to be able to bring back his form to be able to beat this opponent.



Can we expect good things from the Japanese players? Tanihara has started becoming more active in overseas golf

With Matsuyama as the trigger, many more men from Japan have been starting to go abroad into the golfing world.

Ryo Ishikawa, Ikeda and others are all taking part in various tours and our anticipation rises by the day.

Within those Japanese players 6 of them are taking part in this tournament.

Matsuyama, Ikeda and Tanihara are all going to be showing their faces in America for this competition.

Within those the one we need to keep our eyes on is definitely Tanihara who has been showing some amazing power overseas.

Lately even in the European championships he has finished highly ranked at 3rd within all of the veterans.

Taking 13th in the entire European rankings, at 39-years-old and in perfect form, this dark horse could shake up America as well.

But of course we are also looking forward to Matsuyama’s movement and activity as well.

This is not something we can afford to miss even from day one.



Let’s take a look at the odds and try to predict the match

Well then, let’s take a look at what the bookies have to say and see if we can predict this match.

Bookies William Hill

Bookies BET365

Within the rankings that the American golf association released Ricky was in first, but in the bookies eyes the previous year’s winner, Johnson, has taken the top.

Furthermore, Maki Roy with some obvious injuries as well as Jason Day and Jordan are being called the BIG 3.

Japans Matsuyama seems to be in around 11 or 12th place among the entirety.

It seems that his recent bad form is having an effect on the odds after all.

However, as we touched on a little earlier, this is his 6th major where he is chasing victory.

With Matsuyama as the start, there is a high enough chance that both Fowler and Rham could also win this competition.

With the course being a new one, this is a match that is terribly difficult to try and predict, don’t you think?




The American Open golf tournament which is set to even broadcast on Asahi TV.

In the end will Japan’s Matsuyama be able to take his dream of winning a major?

We will be looking towards the other foreign big pros as well such as Johnson and Maki Roy.

There is no doubt that it will be a fierce battle from the get-go.

The competition starts on the 15th at 8 in the evening (JST), this is a golf tournament even Japanese people can enjoy, no doubt.

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