The start of the British Finals. Can Nishiori take the win at Shiba in his first match?

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The Halle open is finally starting.

Nishiori didn’t leave any kinds of results that would give his opponents anything to fear during the Creil season, but by the end of the Halle open will he have shown us that he has regained his power?

With his first ranking at lower than 8th place in over 3 years, it seems it might be heading towards a very rough season.

With the last few months being irritating for him, there’s no doubt that he’s very much wanting to battle it out at Shiba.

However, with the tennis ball being incredibly fast, due to the court being grass it’s very difficult for it to bounce which is a huge weakness for Nishiori,

Nishiori is going to be clashing against a wall he hasn’t experienced in quite a few years and every single day will be a do-or-die situation.

He must try to regain his good form as soon as possible and raise his head regaining the youth that he once had.

He needs to try and at least reach the semi-finals during the Halle open that is finally going to be underway starting from the 17th.

Let’s take a look at what the bookies have to say about this highly anticipated game and see if we can predict the outcome.



Nishiori discloses his mental weakness. Going on like this will he ever be able to conquer his 4th competition?

Leaving the French open in the preliminary contest after just his second big match showed us just how much of a difficult season the Creil season was.

Worrying about injury, even after entering the real selection is there any doubt that this will have a huge impact on his form and attitude?

During his 3rd match he was against a fellow Asian Chung Hyeon but the match went deadlocked into a full set, this is something the usual Nishiori would never allow to happen.

Not even being able to show his true power against an opponent of less strength than himself, especially standing out being his mistakes with things such as his back crosses.

During his match against Murray it went the same way, he took the initiative during the beginning of the game and everything was going well until he self-destructed with a silly miss.

There is no doubt that the impression and feelings left by these losses are also affected the man himself.

Just as was talked about after the match, the thing that the current Nishiori is lacking is a stable mental state.

Letting things occurring off of the pitch affect his game is something we can see clear as day, and right now even foreign media are saying there is no chance of him taking his 4th competition win during his current state.

Will he continue to drag his feet and allow his rank to drop?

We’re hoping that he is going to approach this new season with a fresh new attitude and make a comeback.



Fredera who skipped the Creil season, has unbelievably lost his first match. Yielding to his 39-year-old sworn friend.

Fredera who took a break during the entire Creil season.

Avoiding a battle between all of the players he is a little weak against, but is his decision to be careful around all of the players showing up at Shiba something that shows signs of his age?

However, he unbelievably lost his first match against Mercedes.

This season saw the 39-year-old Tommy announcing his bitter retirement.

There is no doubt that his long time away from the game has made him a little stiff.

Contrastively his long-time enemy Nadal has been showing us his complete recovery of form during all of his matches and he defeats his opponents with flying colors.

The Halle open, to him, is one of his most skillful competitions.

He will definitely want to be leaving good results during his second match during the competition.



During his first match against a strong opponent Verdasco, will it turn out to be a difficult draw?

For Nishiori, his first match is against a very difficult opponent, Verdasco.

His first match at Shiba is one he wanted to leave a very strong impression with but in the end his opponent has turned out to be a very difficult one.

This Spanish player who has once took 7th place, is a left-handed player which is a very bad thing for Nishiori who is weak to left-handed players.

With very strong four-shots, he has explosive strength that almost makes it seem as though his hand is riding on the wind.

Right now he is on a 4-win-streak, however, we cannot forget that last year during the French open he had a very difficult game that eventually progressed into a full set.

As for difficult things this year during the French open he eventually finished up with a 3-1 ratio, but this is his first match at Shiba.

To take the win for himself, he will surely be wanting to calmly keep his service game in check.

However even if he takes the win here, will be be able to get against but draws against his unfortunate matching’s after with big servers such as Khachanov and Karlovic?

Lawn is a court where the serve speed increases exponentially as it bounces.

Even though he is no doubt a very high ranking player, he has showed us many times that he has a hard time against opponents that are skilful with their big serves.

Last year Djokovic lost in the British competition first against Querrey, however even seeing that example there is no time where you are allowed to think that this is an opponent you are able to free up your hands for.

No matter how we look at it this is a difficult draw for Nishiori, but this is something you have to overcome if you want to be inside of the top 10.

If he doesn’t give us some tenacious plays, then there’s no doubt that his ranking will continue to slowly fall lower and lower as time passes.



Let’s take a look at the odds and try to predict the game

Well then, let’s take a look at this match where Nishiori makes his debut once again and see if we can predict the outcome using the odds.

Bookies BET365

The 35-year-old Fredera overwhelmingly popular and is showing his difference between him and the other players.

Although he lost his first game against Mercedes, the control and power he showed us at the Australian competition is the real deal.

Surely there is no doubt that he will be fighting for the championship again this year?

Also we need to keep our eyes on Alexander Zverev Jr.

He is someone who suffered some mental damage from his difficult time at the French open, but surely he is enthusiastic about regaining his honor during the competition on the turf.

Putting our attention on Nishiori, he is 4th when looking at the competition as a whole.

It seems as though the odds have a difference of over 10 times.

If he can take the win against Verdasco in the first game, there may even be a chance that he could take the ATP tour championship for the first time in a very long time.




Nishiori who didn’t leave any good results during the Creil season.

Will he be able to leave some good results this time on the grass court?

If he can take back his good form during the British tournament, then he should become a flying bullet during all of the matches that are to come from now on.

Even if just a little, to try and regain his place in the top 8, surely he will be needed to take a few points at in the grass season.

The Halle open begins from the 17th.

The competition that Japanese people should definitely not miss should be a very fiery match from the start.

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