Okazaki is proving to be strong from the get-go at Leicester and the premier league’s first match

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Finally, the premier league has opened its curtains.

With lots of rivalry and teams with great strength coming together, every year we see some great exciting games during the premier league and this year doesn’t seem it will be any different.

The first match on the 11th is looking to be a match between 2 amazingly skilled teams.

Leicester who recently received the new player, Okazaki, take on Arsenal who they have a few bad memories with from last season.

Just who will be the team to win the first match of the league?

This is a match where Arsenal take on Leicester at home, you can’t afford to miss it! Let’s take a look at the odds and see if we can predict the outcome of the match.



Arsenal have their ace Lacazette out of the game due to injury

Ending last year with the unbelievable place of 5th, Arsenal who lost their chance at appearing in the CL.

With Wenger leaving at commanding the club for 10 long years, there were rumors of him retiring but in the end he has remained with the team for the new season.

With a lot of fans dejecting the team going into the season without any commander, it was probably quite hard for him to make any other decision.

Both Alexander and Lacazette were acquired for a very high price.

Getting his big break during the 15th league one, surely this will become an excuse for the striker to start emerging further into the ranks.

With his play style matching Wenger’s, we can expect him to be very strong from the start of the season.

However, their Ace Sanchez’s residency is still now, unknown.

As well as that, due to injury he is currently unable to play for another 2~3 weeks.

This is of course a huge loss and heavy blow for the team during their first match against Leicester.

Furthermore, Ozil and Ramey are also currently suspended from appearing, meaning they’re in a very rough position currently.

Due to that there’s no doubt that the fans are expecting a lot out of both Wenger and Lacazette.

This Frenchman’s first match of this premier league season is looking to be left and right as to the whereabouts of Arsenal.



When will Okazaki be appearing for Leicester? Including Iheancho they have a severe fight over who is a standard member

Leicester, just like Arsenal, seem to be having trouble with players changing which team they belong to.

However, in the off season they acquired a promising player from Manchester City.

20 years old. Iheancho.

Taking 8 goals during the 15th and 16th season and as such had high expectations as a FW, but last season he dropped sharply.

Wanting to play more consistently, his change to Leicester was confirmed.

Born in Nigeria, he has a lot of physical prowess, and he has a high chance of being able to score a lot of goals in just a year.

It seems like he will be in a battle to become a standard member together with Vardy and Okazaka, first he needs to answer to Shakespeare’s expectations of course?

Leicester, different to City, like the FW’s to also contribute to defense.

Can the 20-year-old Nigerian get used to his new team’s style? We watch in anticipation.



Match Developments

Since this is the first match of the season, there is no doubt that we will see some stiffness from the players, but since Arsenal are at home we can predict that Arsenal will start to take control of the game gradually as it continues.

However, Leicester know that from the start.

For coach Shakespeare who has been using long counters since the Ranieri era, this could actually be a good thing.

If the enemy uses a lot of passing to attack, then there’s no doubt that their defense will start to dwindle.

If they can use that to their advantage and make some fast attacks, there is a definite chance that they could score points.

If they can, then surely there is a chance, even against a big club, to score some points?

If they can force the enemy to use cross attacks and then win with their defense and height, then surely Leicester has the advantage.

Their opponents Arsenal are going to want to strengthen their blocks with a crowd of players, and slip through their defense with good pass work.

Arsenal seem to have a tendency to attack from the center, but if they can confuse the enemy by attacking from the left and right, cornering them, then surely they can make it so their opponents cant move as freely as they would maybe like to.

They also need to make sure they don’t lose to Leicester’s players when it comes to high balls and 2nd balls.

If they can do these things properly, and stop the counters from the enemy team, there is no doubt that it should connect to their own team’s attacks being well performed.

It is true that their team is currently in a rough spot due to injured players, but we would like the players to show us a win in the first match and ensure their legacy as a veteran club lives on.



Let’s take a look at the odds and see if we can predict the outcome of the match

Well then here we are again at this highly anticipated match. Leicester Vs Arsenal, what do the bookies have to say.

Bookies William Hill

Bookies BET365

As expected Arsenal at home has the advantage.

There is definitely a difference in the team’s strength as well, Leicester’s win chance seems slim.

During the 17th and 18th season, Arsenal took both the wins, surely they can grasp the pace of the match?

However, if Leicester can defend properly, they have a chance at winning.

This is the first game of the season as well, both teams may be a little stiff, but for now we want to just enjoy the opening game’s atmosphere.




The premier league is finally beginning again.

This year is also looking to be a free-for-all fight, but in the end just who will be the team who takes the championship?

For the first match there isn’t a single one you can miss, but we especially want to see and are anticipating is Leicester vs the strong Arsenal.

The kick off is during the night in Japan, but we can definitely expect an amazing match full of heated battles.

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