The European league and Champions league kings clash We can’t take our eyes off of the soccer super cup

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The ultimate deciding match in overseas football. The super cup raises its curtains from the 8th.

This is a league where every year the champions league king and the European league king come together for a clash of strength, we can feel that as the year goes on the heat is increasing.

Especially in places such as the clash between Real Madrid and Manchester United, this is a game that no doubt is hyping up a lot of people.

Can United who performed a lot of improvements during the off season bear the champions league kings? Or can the undefeated 2-time-winner of the champions league Real Madrid show us their stubbornness?

This is a match that no-one around the world can afford to miss. Let’s take a look at what the bookies have to say about the odds and see if we can predict the outcome of the match.



United have reinforcement with Lukaku and Matic They challenge the super cup with a huge rock of a formation

Every year United has a lot of transfers happen with high transfer fee’s, and United are currently leading the market, with all this in mind they are showing us this year as well that they have some players ready for the competition.

The ones who top the cake out of those players are Lukaku and Matic.

Lukaku, up until now, has had a long career of playing for Everton and is currently 24 years old.

Known as the leading striker in the premier league, he is blessed with a good physique and is known for taking goals by physically overpowering defenders.

Last season he took 25 goals bringing his total up to a total of 103 inside of the premier league.

He is being highly expected of alongside Tottenham’s Cain among the big strikers, will he be able to bloom within the big clubs?

Our anticipation grows.

The other player Matic is Mourinho’s favorite and the tallest mid fielder.

Last season he was a defensive mid fielder and played a big part in their winning of the championship.

Leafing the premier league with his physical prowess also, there is no doubt that Mourinho who plays a defensive football favors him highly.

Also what is called the Matic wrap which is like a bullet travelling through the middle of the pitch.

United finished last season in 5th place, but this time around they’re aiming for the championship title, first of all they need to take their lineup and challenge the super cup.



Match Developments The key is United’s defense and Real Madrid’s set plays

Both United and Real Madrid have a relative importance towards counters.

However, with regards to style United use a lot of highballs, whilst Real Madrid use fast short counters as their main form of attack.

There is no difference in the fact that either uses counters, but United places a slight more importance on simple defense.

For that reason, Real Madrid might have a hard time fighting a team like United.

Due to Mourinho’s football play style, wit will be difficult to find a space in his defense, I feel it will be difficult to play a counter-football play style against this opponent.

That is of course something that can also be said about United, but due to it being Mourinho he might not be aiming to take points but to prolong the entire 90 minutes.

For now, they need to make blocks and enter into their defense, aim for points from crossing and highballs, Mourinho’s style is ridiculed quite a lot as being very anti-football.

However, that style is very strong in the big stages, there is no mistaking it, and it could be something that annoys Real Madrid to the point where the game swings into United’s favor.

So we can predict that Real Madrid will be, to an extent, strengthening their defenses, they need to be calm when entering into the match, surely that’s what they’re hoping for?

They need to avoid what is called the worlds best set plays and make sure they’re entering into the enemy’s field of vision to show pressure, avoiding conceding the first goal of the match.

If on the opposite end, it becomes a match where United seem to be leading, it will become quite the difficult match for Real Madrid.

The decisive factor of this match will definitely be United’s defense and Real Madrid’s set plays.

We can also predict that it will become a very tough game, Real Madrid’s set plays will definitely have huge implications on the outcome of the game.



Let’s take a look at the odds and see if we can predict the outcome of the match

Here we are at another highly anticipated match. Let’s take a look at what the bookies have to say about Manchester Vs Real Madrid and see if can predict the outcome.

Bookies William hill 

Bookies BET365 

As expected the champions league kings Real Madrid have the overwhelming advantage.

Thinking about it normally this is a pretty expected outcome.

Against the team that took the European championship last season, are Manchester who were stuck in 5th place.

Which players will be chosen and their current state is also unknown, we can predict that it will become a very difficult match.

However, Mourinho might just be a great enemy for Real Madrid.

If they can press back the set plays and end the first half with 0 goals, there is a good enough chance that they could win the match.




Super League 2017.

The CL kings Real Madrid and the EL kings United clash on the big stage.

Just which will become the kings of this match during this season?

This is a match no-one can afford to miss and takes place on 8/9 with a 3:45 kick off JST.

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