Bet365 Live Streaming

Through bet365, you can enjoy betting watching live streaming.
All you have to do to watch live streaming is just open bet365 account and deposit money (30USD minimum).
As long as some money is deposited in your account, you don’t need to bet to watch live streaming.
You can watch wide variety of sports matches.
 For tennis you can watch Grand Slam (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open), for soccer Europe major league or the World Cup.
You can watch live streaming by  clicking LIVE IN-PLAY in the middle of the scree.

How to watch live streaming through bet365

You can choose live view modes from menu on the top of the screen.


In “Overview” mode you can change view from one match to another going on at that time. But in this mode, you can be betting only money line (odds to predict the outcome of the match). If you want to bet in other way, please choose “Event view”
You can watch live streaming by clicking soccer-field-mark.


In this mode, you can choose various kinds of odds. If you want to focus on one match, this mode is the best.


In this mode, you can bet on various kinds of sports simultaneously.
If you want to watch various sports, this screen is recommended.
The sports you chose will be shown as below.


Here you can check live streaming schedule. You can also check schedule sorted by sports.

My Bet

From “My Bet” you can check the list of matches you have placed bet on.

How to watch live streaming

You can enlarge live view monitor by clicking arrow on the right top of the monitor.
You can watch live streaming in animation by clicking “Match Live”. livestreaming15
With this function, you can  check various data about the match to decide how to place bet.
You also can watch live streaming view without other information part by clicking “Live stream” on the top of the monitor.
You can watch live streaming with pop-up screen.