Bet365 mobile



Betting can bet enjoyed in your smartphone with bet365 mobile app.


Well even when you are watching TV or in a short waiting time, as long as you are in the reach of radio waves, you can enjoy bet365 betting.
Of course bet365 casino is fully mobile supported! you can bet against live dealer with baccarat or roulette. Only with bet365 you can enjoy authentic atmosphere.


It’s super easy! All you have to do is just download bet365 mobile app and login.


Download bet365 mobile app

You can download bet365 mobile app from apple store. The app is free.


How to place bet from bet365 mobile app

You can place bet from your smart phone like bet365 pc site. The steps are below.
  1. Choose which sports to bet
  2. Choose which league/match to bet
  3. Chose bet type, then “Bet Slip” button will come up from the bottom of your smart phone
  4. Click “Bet Slip”, enter wager from “Stake” and click “Place bet”
  5. Your bet is placed when “Bet Placed” screen is displayed
  6. You can check your bet from “My bets” in the top menu

How to watch live streaming with your smart phone through bet365 mobile app

You can enjoy live streaming with your smart phone.
  1. Click “In-Play” from top menu
  2. Choose which sports to watch
  3. Select which match to watch
  4. Click “watch” on the right top
  5. Push play button and you can enjoy live streaming
  6. Flick your screen to check live status