Bet365 identification document submission

Before you withdraw your money from your bet35 account, you need to submit identification document to bet365, this process is important to prevent fraud, such as money laundering.

Here we show you the easiest identification way.

If you don’t proceed any process for identification, you will see the following screen.

Open the members management screen from the service link part on the right side.

Then please click on the My Account tab of the management screen and click “Know Your Customer”.


Step 1 Web submittion

the easiest way is to submit identification document on the web.

Choose Upload Your Identity Document. You can upload your passport, driving license or ID card.
Then the following screen will show up.
Click start verification and go to the next page and choose ID type.

You can choose from those three.
  • Driving license
  • Identity card with photo
  • Passport
You will take a picture of those ID document (both sides for driving license and identity card). File name is not specified.

Following screen will show up and upload will soon be completed and step one display will change like below.


Step2 Receive document from bet365

After you deposited into bet365 account you will receive document. This document has your postal verification code. With this code, you can verify your address registered to bet365 is valid.

Step3 Confirm e-mail from bet365

From step2 display, please click “Enter Your Postal Verification Code”.

Here, input your postal code received from bet365 with document. When you completed filling postal verification code, this screen will show up.

When your identification process is completed, “Know Your Customer” displays like below.

These are the steps for identification.

If you have any problem, you can directly contact to bet365 customer service from