How to open a bet365 account

First, please access to bet365 official home page.


If you are accessing the bet365 site for the first time, you will need to click on the “SPORTS” picture such as the one shown above.

Click join now.

Then registration form will appear for you to enter your information.

Step1 personal information inpout

Please enter your personal information precisely accurately. If you enter information incorrectly, you may not be able to withdraw your money deposited in your account.
Country of Residence Choose the country where you live
Contact Number Enter your phone number(cell-phone number is acceptable)with your country code. Here you can check your country code.

Step2 your account setting

After you completed registration form, you will need to enter account setting.

Odds Display We recommend you to choose decimal, because it’s easy to understand for beginners
Username You can choose you username and this username will be needed as login ID when logging in bet365
Password/four-digit security number Please be sure not to lose your password and security number

Last step join now

Lastly, fill in the check box confirming that you are no under 18 years old and then you can enjoy bet365!
Next step is how to deposit money in your bet365 account.